Listed, Sold, or Keeping: Why These Probate Leads Are Not Dead Leads and More! | Probate Mastermind #281

Recorded Live on June 04, 2020

Call Re-cap:

Making Sure Your Brand Is Scalable (1:01)

Caller is interested in applying the same vertically-integrated solution and value-driven approach to niches outside of probate. Chad discusses how to work this across many different lead sources and gives some best practice tips for creating a scalable brand.

What To Do When A Surviving Spouse Wants To Keep The House (6:35)

Anna just finished Probate Mastery and gives it a great feedback! Anna is looking for insight on helping elderly personal representatives who might not realize they will have urgency and downsizing needs sooner than they think.  What can she do to build a strong relationship and keep these folks in her sphere of influence? Chad goes through the language to use, solutions to provide, and ways to be of value now to create a lasting impression.  Jim and Bruce offer their insight on solidifying yourself as their go-to person.

Abundance Mindset: What You Gain From Sharing Knowledge (14:26)

Anna is creating a plan for her video marketing through YouTube.  She’s wondering if she should create a separate channel for probate, and also if she should reserve how much information she puts out there.  Chad discusses the value in having an abundance mindset and how Anna can design a singular channel that offers all that she does.   

Success Story: I Listened and It Paid Off (20:39)

Bill Gross shares a “Chad was right!” moment.  Last year, he took the time to listen to a client and really hear what was going on.  Hear how it paid off!

My Client Can’t Afford An Attorney – What Can They Do? (22:49)

Bill is working with a client who really can’t foot the bill for a probate attorney right now, but really needs one.  Chad’s solution is to find a seasoned attorney that is good what they do and structure it to get they paid on the back end.

Should I Approach These Calls Differently When The PR and Deceased Shared an Address? (27:28)

Josh asks if he should use a different approach when cold-calling probates if he sees the personal representative’s address is the same as the deceased’s address.  Chad discusses these situations.

See More: 

  1. Calling Surviving Spouses https://www.alltheleads.com/probate-leads-for-real-estate/
  2. Probate Quicksand and Pulling Personal Representatives Out Of It

Handling Objections: “We Don’t Need Anything” (29:20)

Josh is running into the common objection where the personal representative says they have everything handled right now, they don’t need any help, etc.. What should you do with this objection?  Chad and Jim discuss best practices.

See More: 

  1. Chad and Jim’s homeowner’s insurance trick for easing into the real estate conversation, or catching a lead who is about to hang up on you: Recommendations for home owner’s insurance companies

What if They’ve Already Listed/Sold The House, or Are Keeping The House? (34:50 / (43:00)

Josh discusses instances where he’s reached personal representatives that have already listed and even sold the probate property.  Renee asks the same question at (50:51) regarding leads that are keeping the home.  Chad discusses how proactiveness might vary in different markets and there might be more urgency to sell right now with all the fear surrounding unemployment and the economy.  Also, remember there are multiple opportunities to monetize a lead even when the probate property is listed/sold.

See More: 

  1. Listed or Sold doesn’t mean a dead lead. What You Miss by Scrubbing Your Lists: Probate deals that aren’t on probate property lists

Matching Emails and Optimizing Marketing: List Is Too Small? (36:39)

Josh, Chad, and Bruce discuss how to navigate Facebook Ads Manager to build a custom audience with a small audience.

Mail Merge, Bomb-Bomb, SMS Messaging and More. (43:00)  

Renee, Chad, and Bruce discuss ways to streamline multiple types of marketing to optimize first contact and follow-ups to different lead subsets.

Probate Myths: My Client Lost The Will – What Can He Do? (52:05)

Rhonda’s client can’t find the copy of the will. What does this mean and what are his options?  Chad discusses.

Bill Janiga Shares His Insights (59:45)

Bill shares how he adjusted his questions to get a clarity on insurance/Medicaid coverage.  He also offers how he handles estate advances and even makes money lending the funds himself.

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