Probate Mastermind #280

Recorded Live on May 28, 2020

Call Re-cap:

Bill Janiga Describes What Deals Are Closing NOW (0:38)

Bill Janiga discusses a virtual closing he just did, that even involved a price adjustment on a rehab property with an outdated assessment.  He also discusses what’s selling and who is buying in his market (Michigan)

Crafting a Value-Proposition for Attorneys (7:38)

Anna Eckstein is curious – what should a probate seller be aware of as far as their responsibilities in probate?  Chad describes why and how you should build a relationship with a local attorney to outline the steps of probate.

Creating Custom Audiences to Market on Social Media (11:18)

Anna is interested in marketing through social media – either through messaging or paid advertising, perhaps in a video format.  Chad describes the process. 

Transaction Engineering: How Can We Sell Two Lots and A House? (17:10)

Josh is working on a deal and is wondering if the best option is a lease-option.  The executor has two adjacent lots, and one lot has the executor’s property on it.  The buyer’s agent doesn’t even know what a lease-option is, and the seller’s attorney is warning against commingling both properties in one contract.  Chad advises on how a lease-option could proceed, and what other options are available. Chad leans towards owner-financing or contract for deed in this situation and explains why this will be best for both the seller and the buyer when dealing with the FHA.

How to Deal With A Difficult Heir (22:40)

Josh is working on a deal, but has heard from other attorneys that this family has a penchant for acting as contrarians; one heir is putting Josh in a Catch-22 situation.  Is this worth it? Chad describes how to give this one solid chance, and be willing to walk away without getting buried.

Testimonials That Win Seller Prospects AND Attorney Interest (31:30)

Devin Doherty has a listing – beachfront property – set to close.  The sellers are extremely happy, and he initially met them via attorney referral, who is equally happy with Devin’s help.  He wants to leverage this as a testimonial to win relationships with attorneys and seller prospects.  Chad lays out a roadmap for doing this.

My Leads Are Still Waiting for Letters of Testamentary. Next Move? (38:34)

Chad E is reaching multiple leads that are still waiting for their confirmation hearing so they can receive their letters of testamentary – Especially with the court backlogs at this time. What can be done between now and then? Chad advises.

Done is Better Than Perfect (47:26)

I’m not an agent, but I understand the purpose of offering value in probate. Can I start sending letters?

Same Probate, Different Case Numbers? (50:23)  

I’m seeing the same personal representative named several times, with the same attorney, same decedent, and different case numbers.  What does this mean? Typically, this means probate was not opened properly and the petition had to be refiled.

Facebook Strategy: Brand Awareness, Credibility, Conversions (54:10)

Jay is curious if ClickFunnels is worth using for Lead Capture on Social Media.  Bruce describes how to combine awareness ads first, then retarget for conversion with a compelling Call To Action with Facebook Forms or ClickFunnels.

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