Aged Expired Leads

Say goodbye to the early morning rush & fierce competition of daily expired listings.

At All The Leads, we are excited to offer a new lead type tailored specifically for real estate professionals who are looking for an edge in their local markets. Our Aged Expired Listings product is designed to identify and capitalize on properties that were listed for sale but either expired or were cancelled and have not re-listed after 30 days.

Visit our subscription page to check availability in your county and begin your subscription to Aged Expired Listings. Transform your approach and reconnect with homeowners who are still considering selling—with less competition from other agents!

We offer more than just leads, it’s a complete system!

Purpose-Driven CRM

Your subscription comes with access to our custom-built CRM where you can manage your leads, create marketing campaigns, set follow-up reminders, create deals, easy phone prospecting with our click-to-call feature, and more!

Direct Mail Campaigns

We have letter templates, postcard templates and other print marketing materials geared towards engaging with Aged Expired leads! We’ll help you set up direct mail campaigns at 30/60/90 days so you can connect with these prospects at the right time, with the right message!

Easy Automation

Automation made simple. Take advantage of “done for you” convenience by activating the Auto-Pilot setting! Each month as you receive your new leads, a mailing order will automatically be generated using your pre-determined settings. Set it & forget it, and be on your way to success!

Pricing starts at just $29/month!

If not already an ATL subscriber, pricing starts at $39/month!

Why Target Aged Expired Listings?

Unlike typical services that provide daily expired listings, which result in a flood of immediate competition, our Aged Expired Listings give you a strategic advantage.

Our leads represent homeowners who were interested in selling in the recent past but did not jump back into the market.

This unique timing means you face significantly less competition, increasing your chances of securing a listing.

House with Expired For Sale Sign

Accurate, reliable data

All The Leads is the best source for transitional real estate leads, training, and high-performance marketing. We’ve gone the extra mile to bring you lead lists with accurate and comprehensive information you won’t find elsewhere. We know because we built this system to fill that exact need for ourselves.

Every lead comes complete with:

  • Property Address
  • Expiration Date
  • MLS Number
  • List Price
  • Owner Name(s)
  • Owner Contact Information (Phone & Email)
  • DNC (Do Not Call) Statuses

What Sets All The Leads Apart?

1. Targeted Leads:

Receive monthly updates of homeowners whose listings have recently expired but have not yet re-entered the market.

2. Less Competition:

Unlike daily expireds that attract immediate and aggressive competition, our leads allow you to approach potential sellers who are no longer being bombarded by agents.

3. Continuous Updates:

Get a fresh batch of leads every month, keeping your pipeline full and your opportunities open.

Aged Expired Leads FAQ

How old are the Aged Expired Listings?

Aged Expired Leads are homes that expired or cancelled their listing agreement approximately 20 to 30 days prior to your receipt of the lead.  They are not too far removed from attempting to sell and may just need the right guidance to get back on the market and get it sold!

How do you compare to similar services?

To the best of our knowledge, there are no other products like this on the market.   There are many companies that offer daily expired listing leads and others offer one-time lists of old expireds that go back to a year or more – typically if someone hasn’t relisted after that long of a period, their plans have definitively changed.   What’s unique about our product is that you get the new batch of sellers who didn’t relist in the month prior each and every month going forward.  

How often do leads come in?

You’ll receive a new batch of Aged Expired Leads once per month on or about the same day each month, depending on the delivery schedule for your county.   

What information comes in a lead?

You’ll receive the property address, the MLS number from when it was listed, the expiration date, the price it was listed at previously, the owner name(s) and any phone numbers and e-mails that we can find for those owners as well as the do-not-call statuses of any phone numbers.

How do you get the Aged Expired listings?

 This product does require one-time access to your MLS so that we can set up the process to pull the daily expired listings into our system and then we have a proprietary process to monitor those and extract the ones that do not relist within the required time-frame and then augment those with contact data to create your monthly file.  

Is there a term commitment?

You can cancel any time after the first two months of service.  

Any set up or additional fees?

No! There are no set up or hidden fees – you simply pay the monthly subscription fee you see for the county that you are interested in.