Pre-Probate Real Estate Leads bring you to the forefront of a niche opportunity in your area that others are not taking advantage of.

We set out to create a system any real estate agent, broker, investor, and/or wholesaler could use to become the probate expert in their market, and you’ve found exactly that system today. With All The Leads you’ll be able to provide a rewarding experience to the families you help and build a valuable pillar in your business.

Accurate, reliable data

All The Leads is the best source for pre-probate leads, training, and high-performance marketing. We’ve gone the extra mile to bring you lead lists with accurate and comprehensive information you won’t find elsewhere. We know because we built this system to fill that exact need for ourselves.

We provide the following:

  1. Decedent Name
    • Address
    • Phone Numbers
    • Emails
    • Properties owned by Decedent
  2. Relatives
    • Name
    • Phone Numbers
    • Emails

How are Pre-Probate leads determined?

These leads are acquired by merging Death Records with Property Records. This effectively provides a list of deceased property owners, or properties where there is a deceased record associated with one of the titleholders.

What is the difference between Probate & Pre-Probate?

With pre-probate, you can identify these properties and the owners/heirs before anything goes into Probate. This means that when you are prospecting, chances are you’re going to speak to someone who has not yet made any decisions regarding the property and is likely to be a motivated seller.



Leads Lists

Our data includes every lead, direct from public records. We found other list providers pulled less records in our test counties, and pre-scrubbed lead lists before delivery. We provide ALL the leads and show you how to find EVERY opportunity.

Phone Numbers

Each lead includes up to 5 phone numbers for each personal representative. We run EVERY phone number we provide to you against multiple DNC (Do Not Call) registries. You can easily export all leads or exclude DNC numbers, all at no additional cost.


Relative information (including phone numbers and adresses) is included with your pre-probate leads. Up to 10 Relatives per lead will be provided to you.

Email Addresses

We provide email addresses for the decedent, as well as up to 10 relatives. We’ve also got your back on email marketing strategy so you can increase your open and response rates.

Direct Mail Campaigns

We’ve done the trial and error for envelopes, copy, postage stamps, frequency, and more, and we packaged it into our set-and-forget direct mail system, Mailbox Motivator.

Credibility Website

Our credibility websites demonstrate to your curious prospects that you’re the expert in their neighborhood. Once you grab a domain name, we can also help you with hosting and redirects. Set yourself apart from the rest.


Access and manage all of the above in one place. Easily organize your leads communication, deals and marketing efforts. You can also export your leads for use in dialers and other systems.

Seamless Automation

Automation made simple. Take advantage of “done for you” convenience by activating the Auto-Pilot setting! Each month as you receive your new leads, a mailing order will automatically be generated using your pre-determined settings. Set it & forget it, and be on your way to success.