Public Data + Big Data = More Deals

Property+ is a game-changing enhancement for our valued Leads & Marketing System Subscribers!

All The Leads is already providing you with the industry’s best and most accurate leads, but now we’re taking it a step further with Property+.


Public Data + Big Data = Maximized Prospecting Power!

Some lead types that are a matter of public record often don’t come with property data by default. But now with Property+, you can now narrow your marketing targets like never before! For just $2.00 extra per lead, we harness the power of our exclusive “big data” relationships to identify real property owned by each lead, anywhere in the United States. We then augment your CRM with a flood of comprehensive data, including estimated property value, equity, tax details, MLS history (if applicable), past sale records, mortgage information, lien details, and much more.


Why Choose Property+?

  • Laser-focused marketing: Pinpoint the leads most likely to generate revenue & focus your marketing dollars where the most opportunity lives…pun intended!
  • Exclusive ATL offering: Unlock a unique advantage, backed by our first-class data, customer support and development teams.
  • Enhanced Prospecting Power: Go into your conversations with knowledge of their situation under your belt, and provide them real scenarios customized to their individual options.
Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to turbocharge your real estate business and uncover hidden opportunities and seize more deals than ever before. Join our growing community of satisfied subscribers and take your real estate success to new heights with Property+. Get started today and secure your competitive edge now


Frequently Asked Questions

What additional data do I get with Property+?

With Property+ you will receive data on the number of properties found in the estate, total estimated equity,  total non-MLS properties and total out of market properties.  Once you’ve become a Property+ Subscriber you will also have access to detailed training videos that will show you how to use the system and interpret the data.

Can I use Property+ if I’m Not an All The Leads Subscriber?

No.  To ensure quality output we have to ensure quality input first and most probate data sold is full of inaccuracies and incomplete.  The power of Property+ comes from combining the best quality probate data with the most comprehensive real estate dataset available.  Our system is designed to process All The Leads Probate data, from our researches and system, so using raw or incomplete data from other providers won’t allow us to properly match and append the record.  To use Property+ you first need to become a Probate Subscriber.  To get started, see how many leads we are gathering in your county here.

How Can Property+ Save Me Money?

Property+ gives you a unique competitive advantage by targeting your marketing dollars on the right prospects.  It will show you which probates in your list have real estate, what that real estate is worth, how much equity is in the real estate, whether or not it’s already listed or sold, and so much more!

Savings Results from Beta Testing

  • 40% to 45% Reduction in Marketing Costs
  • 8% to 15% Reduction in Overall Campaign Costs
Probate Campaign (3 letters + 3 calls)
  • Leads: $895 (450 leads)
  • Mail: $2,025 (3 letters at $1.50 ea. x 450 leads)
  • Calls: $750 ($20 per hr. at pace of 12 leads per hr.)
  • Total: $3,670

Property+ Campaign (3 letters + 3 calls)

  • Leads:  $895 (450 leads)
  • Property+:  $900 ($2 per original lead)
  • Mail: $1,161 (3 letters at $1.50 ea. x 258 leads with real estate not listed/sold)
  • Calls: $430 ($20 per hr. at pace of 12 leads per hr.)
  • Total: $3,386 (8% less cost overall and 43% less on marketing)
What Will Property+ Show Me?

Let’s use a single month of data from Palm Beach County Florida to see what we can learn from Property+.  This is a large county with 450 leads per month which makes it expensive to market to and difficult to manage because of the amount of budget and work required.  This is a perfect example of how focusing your effort and budget can result in you getting more deals by letting Property+ do most of the work.

Let’s dig in…

Palm Beach County, FL – 1 Month – 450 Leads on Public Record

  • 353 of 450 Probate Cases with Property (78%)
  • 644 Properties
    • 502 Owned by Person(s)
    • 83 Owned in Trust
    • 59 Owned in Entity
  • $181,931,770 Estimated Value (Estimate derived from the same tool banks use for desktop appraisals)
  • $144,344,977 Estimated Equity (74% equity level)
  • 95 Properties on MLS (85% of properties are NOT listed)
    • 41 Sold
    • 33 Active
    • 13 Pending
    • 8 Cancelled
    • 4 in pre-foreclosure
How accurate is the real estate data?

In beta testing we found Property+ to be 92% accurate in returning verified real estate owned by the decedent, or entities or trusts of the decedent.  Property+ is more of an art than a science so it will never be perfect due to input errors made by clerks or others handling the real estate data or logic applied by the system that is broad enough to find less-than-exact matches but sometimes shows us a false-positive.  For example, if the Decedent’s last known address was a multifamily complex and the unit numbers aren’t properly recorded you may get a record for every unit in the building, not just the one owned by the Decedent.  We continue to improve our logic and data so this will improve over time.  As with any of our products, we design the foundational tool and then allow users to perfect it.

Can I Buy Property+ for my Older Leads?

Yes!  This is one of the biggest reasons we added Property+.  If you have lists that you have not thoroughly worked or just lists you have not recently followed up with, you can use the Property+ order form to select those lists and we will only augment the ones that you have not opted out in the Options/Status tab of the lead record.  This will allow you to see which of the leads you haven’t reached have real estate that has not sold or listed.

Can I just buy the leads in my ideal zip codes?

No, we start with a complete list of probate leads in your county then augment using data from every county in the US to find real estate owned and then all pertinent details about each property.  Without first having the complete list of probate data we have nothing to augment.

How is this different than me “scrubbing” my leads for real estate owned in my county and on my MLS?

Typically when a customer “scrubs their list” they are simply checking against the county tax records in the county they work in and then looking for any properties they find on their local MLS.  We are checking against EVERY county in the US and 90% of Multiple Listing Services nationwide.  Our process allows us to find real estate owned in the deceased name, in Trust, in entities, etc. because we are matching against multiple data points in over 3,000 counties nationwide.  Without the aggregation of the largest data sets in the industry these results are not possible.  It would cost you over $1MM per year just to have access to the data to “scrub” the way we are.

I only want deals in my market, why would I want to check every county in the US?

Referrals!  We’re all about you getting the highest return on investment possible from your campaign.  If you find a motivated seller in a market you don’t work you should immediately turn that into a referral so you can earn a referral commission or marketing fee from a partner in the market where the subject property is.  We find that many families inherit multiple investment properties in markets far away from where they live and they usually want to sell everything so they can move on.  Out-of-market opportunities like this can often times result in more revenue in 1 transaction than investors/agents would make in a dozen individual transactions.  You will find that Estates on your list contain commercial real estate, multifamily real estate, mobile home parks, portfolios of rental homes, land and more.  You’ve already paid for the data, now turn the ones you can’t work into referrals so you can still monetize those leads!

What do I do with the leads that do not contain real estate?

As you’ve probably heard on our weekly Mastermind Calls, there are many overlooked opportunities in probate leads for real estate…even if there is no real estate in a particular case.  Many of our most successful Subscribers find listings, acquisitions, buyers and private money lenders by being willing to pick up the phone and help EVERY Personal Representative.  The average inheritance in the U.S. is just under $177,000.  We know these folks are dealing with a great deal of stress and most need professional help and we know they will spend the money if they aren’t encouraged to invest it.  You have educated yourself to help in any situation in order to earn the real estate business so, even when you know there is no real estate, if you reach out to offer help to the PR (personal representative) you are likely to impress them enough that they will use your services when they DO have a real estate need.  Many families sell their current home and purchase another when they get their inheritance distribution.  Even if they aren’t interested in purchasing real estate you can show them how to become private money lenders for your deals or your Investors’ deals and earn very aggressive returns on their investment to grow the wealth they inherited.  Call ALL of the leads but focus your marketing efforts on the ones with real estate first.