Turn Probate “Lemons” into Unique Opportunities

by | Jan 17, 2024

In the dynamic world of real estate, every property has a story waiting to be told – even those that are less than perfect! For real estate agents specializing in probate properties, the challenge goes beyond transactions; it’s about narrating the unique tales these homes hold.

Sometimes these homes can be less than the ideal listing. They may be in various stages of disrepair, with issues that have gone unaddressed for years. Or perhaps the floors are that same green linoleum from 1970…in every room.

There are creative strategies for listing, marketing, and successfully selling these unique homes that require extra attention. Specifically targeting real estate agents handling probate properties, let’s explore how embracing imperfections can become a transformative journey.

Outdated kitchen, 1970 style with gold linoleum floor

Embrace the Story:

Every home, particularly those entangled in probate intricacies, carries a distinct narrative. To engage potential buyers, craft a compelling description that not only acknowledges the property’s history but also forges an emotional connection. By weaving the story into the property’s marketing materials, agents can create a powerful connection that transcends imperfections.

Professional Photography and Staging:

Investing in high-quality photography and professional staging services is a pivotal step. This strategy allows agents to highlight the property’s potential while subtly minimizing its flaws. By showcasing key features and unique selling points, the focus shifts from imperfections to the promising aspects of the home, captivating potential buyers with the possibilities that lie within.

Strategic Pricing & Incentives:

Strategic pricing is an art when dealing with homes in less-than-perfect condition. Agents must consider both the property’s current state and market trends. Transparency is key – by being open about necessary repairs and factoring them into the pricing strategy, agents attract buyers who are not afraid to take on a project.

Identify and highlight the property’s unique selling points. Whether it’s a spacious backyard, architectural features, or a prime location, emphasizing these aspects can add perceived value, justifying a strategic pricing approach.

To sweeten the deal for potential buyers, agents can consider offering incentives such as covering closing costs or providing a home warranty. These incentives not only make the deal more attractive but also showcase the agent’s commitment to facilitating a smooth transaction.

DIY Projects and Upgrades:

Turning the spotlight onto budget-friendly DIY projects, agents can suggest quick fixes and cosmetic improvements. This approach not only enhances the property’s appeal but also encourages sellers to actively participate in maximizing the home’s marketability. It’s about showcasing the potential for transformation without overwhelming the seller with extensive renovations.

Targeted Marketing Campaigns:

Gauge the current demand for homes in need of renovations. If there is a burgeoning market for fixer-upper properties, consider pricing the home attractively to appeal to buyers seeking projects and customization opportunities.

Tailoring marketing materials to accentuate the property’s potential for renovation and customization is a strategic move. Utilizing targeted online advertising allows agents to reach a specific audience – those actively seeking fixer-upper projects. By aligning marketing efforts with buyer interests, agents increase the chances of finding the perfect match for the property.

Educate Clients on Market Trends:

Keeping clients informed about current market trends, especially in the realm of fixer-upper homes, is a valuable service. Agents can illustrate success stories of similar properties that have undergone transformation, showcasing the potential return on investment. Education becomes a powerful tool in aligning seller expectations with market realities.

Networking and Collaboration:

Collaboration is key in the world of real estate, especially when dealing with properties that need a little extra care. By collaborating with contractors and renovation experts, agents can offer potential buyers estimates on improvement costs. Networking with other real estate agents specializing in similar properties creates a community of shared insights and strategies.


Real estate agents specializing in probate properties possess a unique opportunity to turn challenges into triumphs. By embracing creativity, acknowledging the property’s story, and employing strategic marketing techniques, these agents can successfully navigate the intricacies of listing, marketing, and selling homes that may not be in perfect condition. The journey lies in highlighting potential, fostering transparency, and connecting with buyers who see value beyond the surface. In the realm of real estate, every house, even a “lemon,” can find its perfect match with the right marketing approach. It’s time to celebrate the beauty of imperfections and recognize the countless benefits that come with listing and selling homes that invite a touch of tender loving care.


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