Probate Mastermind #279

Recorded Live on May 21, 2020

Call Re-cap:

Asset Tracing (00:54)

Joe Lehman in Montgomery, Alabama jumps in the queue.  He shouts out ATL Support for a super fast turnaround on updating his mailers, marketing materials, and website with his new brokerage information!  He then asks how he can help a personal representative perform asset tracing.  The person who passed away likely had some investments (stocks and bonds), and may have had a property in Panama City. Chad discusses the pathway to trace the real estate versus the other assets.  

For assets outside of real estate, Bruce also suggests having a good accountant do an IRS audit to find any accounts tied to that name that have been turned over to the IRS.  Bruce discusses how to initiate this process with a CPA.  If you need help finding a CPA, contact Bruce@alltheleads.com.  The cost is about $300 per person/entity search.

8 Listings in the Pipeline with an Out Of State PR (6:55)

Joe has an out of state personal representative with 8 properties/lots to sell.  He is visiting some of the lots tomorrow and will report back next week.

What Can a Personal Representative Do While Courts Are Closed? (8:01)

Can a personal representative use funds from the estate while probate is open? Chad describes when estate funds can be used, and how the personal representative can invoice the estate in instances where they need to use personal funds to cover costs of the estate. 

Can a personal representative begin minor clean up and repairs before receiving letters of testamentary? What can they do to make the best use of their time until court opens? Chad describes what can be done now.

Email and Voicemail Etiquette For Follow-Ups (12:07)

Brad in San Diego is curious about voicemails and how often to leave them to the same person.

Chad also describes a great idea for designing your calendar options in a way that demonstrates how well connected and valuable you are (~17:00). We recommend Calendly.com

See More: 

Probate Websites (19:34)

Chad E is curious ATL Probate Credibility websites – What comes with them and how to get one.

Chad Corbett also runs through how to record a video for your homepage that will drive probate leads to contact you. 

Networking with Fiduciaries (24:47)

Barry is curious about working with Fiduciary groups.  Chad describes how he can become an affiliate member and network with all of the fiduciaries in his area.

Repeat Publication of the Same Probate?? (30:28)

What does it mean when a case is republished?

Medicaid Liens and How To Negotiate Them (32:55)

Eduardo recently got his first set of probate leads and went on his first probate appointment tomorrow.  The family is dealing with a medicaid lien. How can the family negotiate down the amount owed? Chad describes his success in dealing with medical providers and liens.

Bruce also describes how this is a really great referral opportunity to build a relationship with an attorney who can help this family. Chad also advises Eduardo to remind the family how much more expensive it can be to wait to hire an attorney, especially when probate is much more complicated.

Prospecting DNC Leads (39:41)

Anita is interested in tips for prospecting DNC leads, outside of the direct mail she is already sending.  

Helping a Live-In Family Member Relocate (40:30)

Anita and Chad discuss strategies for helping a live-in family member relocate after losing a parent (who owned the home).

Handling Objections: “Would You Lower Your Commission?” (44:17)

Joyce is capped by state law at 5% in her market. She’s looking for advice on overcoming the commission objection.

See More: How To Ask For The Commission You Deserve

Breaking Through With Attorneys in a Competitive Market (47:50)

What can you do if you’re in a flooded market where attorneys are already getting bombarded with pleas for referrals from other agents?  Chad discusses.

Creative Opportunities: Equity From a Developer (55:38)

Federico has a developer looking to partner up: Federico will help him find ideal sites for developments in exchange for equity, while Federico keeps his full commission for any sales he represents.  He asks for Chad and Bruce’s thoughts here. Awesome opportunity and good job being someone worth a developer’s attention!

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