Probate Mastermind #278

Recorded Live on May 14, 2020

Call Re-cap:

Exceptions To Estate Transfer (3:05)

Deb in North Carolina, which has some barriers to billing services relating to real property to the estate.  Bruce Hill, from Raleigh, NC advises.  

Reaching Google Assistant While Cold Calling? (8:05)

Joyce reached Google Assistant while making her cold calls. Should she proceed as normal and leave a message?

Building Generational Wealth: Turning an Inherited Property Into An Investment Portfolio. (9:37)

John Hawkins in Dallas is building a plan for some properties he and his siblings inherited. His idea is to set up a trust and use equity for repairs, and then lease one of the properties.  Chad and John mastermind how John and his siblings can form an LLC, fix one of the properties and turn it into a rental, and then use that property to fund improvements on the other properties.  All in all, this will set a roadmap to generational wealth.

Probate Even When There Is A Trust?? (18:12)

Timothy has a good lead, but is unsure where to take it!  Chad discusses trusts and how probate can still be triggered if other assets aren’t funded into the trust.

See More: What You Miss by Scrubbing Your Lists: Probate deals that aren’t on probate property lists.

DOING vs. Waiting For Perfect (25:21)

Frederico is ready to start prospecting, but is unsure if he should design a multi-step mail campaign or just get started. Get started!!

Why Doesn’t The Personal Representative Know Probate Was Filed? (26:17)

Chad is calling his lead lists and had run into a scenario where the recipient knew the deceased, but wasn’t aware probate was filed.  The personal representative believed probate didn’t need to be filed because she was administering a trust.  This sounds like poor communication from the attorney. What are the next steps?

What Does It Mean When The Personal Representative is from a Law Office? (29:45)

This is likely a fiduciary. These are great leads because these are a B2B transaction and can become an evergreen source of referrals.  Chad discusses this further.

Probate Credibility Websites and Probate Blogging (35:41/52:46)

Denis Milonas just got his credibility site up and running.  What are the best marketing strategies for this website?  Chad discusses where to share and market your website, what purpose this website has (reaching leads you already know exist), and ways to add value to your page through things like blogging, vlogging, and demonstrating your credibility.

Chad discusses more about setting up a blog and using it as part of your marketing at 52:46.

Leveraging Letters of Intent During Court Backlogs (41:25)

Bob is getting the appointments and meeting with personal representatives who seem motivated to sell in the future.  There is a large backlog in his market. How can he motivated progress now? Chad discusses how to pitch a letter of intent and win commitment, as well as what Bob can do now to prepare for sale and provide value now.

Using Facebook Custom Audiences: Becoming Hyper-Local (55:01)

Jeff Lerner from SoCal asks about using custom audiences on Facebook to target probate/potential estate panning leads. Chad lays out how to create the ad on Facebook, and how to make sure they land somewhere that converts.

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