Postcards, Letters, and More! Marketing to Probate Real Estate Leads | Probate Mastermind #282

Recorded Live on June 11, 2020

Call Re-cap:

Probate Pro Se vs. Pro Per (1:16)

Chad discusses the difference between Pro Se and Pro Per probate, and when a probate can become pro per.

Postcards vs. Letters: Which Is More Effective? (2:21)

Derek asks about postcards vs. letters.  Chad discusses open rates for letters that use number 10 envelopes vs. greeting card envelopes.  Chad discusses cost vs. return when it comes to postcards and why it might not be the best use of a marketing dollar.

How To Build, Design, and Schedule Your Mail Campaigns (4:35)

Derek is interesting in sending out different letters and tracking the effectiveness.  Chad discusses his method for split-testing different mail campaigns, and also shares how ATL curated their letter sets.  Bruce offers advice on using multi-step mail campaigns and how to schedule each mailing effectively.

Navigating the ATL Probate CRM (9:07)

Tim has questions about navigating the CRM. Chad describes how to navigate the CRM, disposition leads, and work more efficiently.

There is a tutorial of the CRM in the subscriber portal.

Best Practices For Prospecting Attorneys (13:07)

Erin had two long-term relationships with attorneys who she did a lot of referral business with, but they are both out of the business now.  She is looking to build relationships with new attorneys and asks for advice on prospecting.  She also shares her success (pre-Covid-19) with walking into offices.  

See More: Ask The Expert – Everything You Need To Know About Working With A Probate Attorney to Grow Your Real Estate Business, With John Erik Fraker, JD

How to Leverage LinkedIn for Niche Prospecting (17:25)

Bruce and Erin discuss using LinkedIn to target attorneys as prospective referral partners in the probate and estate planning space.  Bruce outlines why it’s important to frame yourself as a probate specialist before reaching out, rather than having a vague realtor profile.

Longevity of Probate Lead Lists (19:07)

Carlos asks about the general timeframe and lifespan of these probate lead lists.  Chad discusses his experience, and Jim adds insight on Carlos’ market (Broward-Dade County).

Lumpy Mail With All The Leads (23:27)

Rodger Lecy asks about adding objects to his letters (lumpy mail) to switch up his campaigns. Rodger and Tim discuss.

Booming Business in a Small Town: Probate Expert Rodger Lecy Shares His Business Philosophy (26:00)  

Rodger is a successful probate expert our sales team always brags about.  Rodger shares how he’s built a successful pillar in probate despite being in a small area (20-30 leads/month).

Got Deals?? Deanna Has 6! (30:10)

Deanna has 6 different probate closings coming up this month.  Four of the probates are from two years ago who didn’t respond right way to letters she sent out months ago!  One of them came from her ATL probate credibility website! 

I’m Getting Started – How Do I Stay On Track? (34:25)

Caller is just getting started and doesn’t want to get stuck in analysis paralysis.  What are some suggestions for learning and hitting the ground in a systematic way? 

Business Operations: Adjusting As You Go (36:53)

Wayne in Texas shares his experience with his coaching call with Bruce. He and Bruce discuss email copy.  Wayne and Bruce discuss accountability, growth, and expansion moving forward.  Congratulations on hitting the 6-figure income mark, Wayne!!  Chad and Bruce also discuss how to best utilize team member’s skills and interests so Wayne can manage his growing pipeline.  They also discuss adding a baker as a team member, stemming off Rodger Lecy’s practice of sending treats to his sphere of influence.

Probate Expert Bill Janiga Shares 3 Things Working For Him (44:27)

Hint: One of them also involves baked goods. Get a baker on your team!

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