Transaction Engineering: Underwater on Reverse Mortgage | Creative Marketing for Cold Leads | Optimizing ISA Campaigns | Probate Mastermind #283

Recorded Live on June 18, 2020

Call Re-cap:

Transaction Engineering: Underwater on Reverse Mortgage (00:59)

Zach Ruff and his team are working with a personal representative who’s dealing with a house that’s upside-down on a reverse mortgage.  The personal representative is giving up and not taking any action.  Zach’s team has an in-person appointment on Monday and wants to be prepared with the best solution set. How can this transaction proceed?

Tip: Always try to find out what the total debt stack is and what lien/liens exist.

Tip: How you can get more money by handing interested buyers on this deal off as a referral to another agent.

Note: 67% of homes in probate are free and clear.  


Creative Marketing: Follow-Ups for Cold Leads (12:16)

Renee is going through and updating all of her leads.  What can she do with “not interested,” “not selling,” and “no contacts” from the past year? Chad and Renee discuss how to shift marketing approaches based on market predictions: Selling Information rather than probate help.

Bonus: What script/voicemail should you use when calling an old follow-up with a new offer?

Tip: Renee shares something that’s working really well to disarm people when they are ready to hang up the phone.


Creative Ways to Increase Equity and Generate More Commission (27:49)

Bruce discusses a strategy to use cash for investment to boost the property value, get it up from being underwater, and even increase your commission/fees.  The important part here is to have a clear roadmap and a reliable team to beat the foreclosure timeline.  With judicial backlogs holding up foreclosures, this strategy carries a lot less pressure than normal.
Tip: Know your local probate timeline, reverse mortgage timeline, and foreclosure timeline.


Barbara’s First Probate Listing from ATL is Under Contract! (30:50)

Barbara is an experienced agent who is new to probate.  She has listed her first probate from All The Leads and it is under contract!

Date of Death Was Years Ago; Why Did They File Now? (31:37)

Barbara is in northwest Arkansas and is seeing many leads where the date of death was years ago, but probate was only filed in recent months.  Chad describes what this can mean, why probate eventually was filed, and how Barbara can provide value and win business in these situations.  Especially in the current market, this could be attributed to interest rate drops and a desire to refinance (which triggers an issue with chain of title).
See also: Sometimes, emotions and sentiments prevent people from opening and dealing with probate. Watch this video on Probate Quicksand and Pulling Personal Representatives Out Of It


Optimizing Calling Campaigns: In House or Outsource? (34:29)

Jeff in Kansas City is curious about ISA calls vs subscriber conversion rates.  Chad breaks down the role the DNC list plays.
In addition to our live ISA outbound calling service, you can also check out ringless voicemail and courier services through Voice Logic.


ATL Skip-Tracing Service:

Renee is curious if we can run other lists through our system for skiptracing. Yes, we do this for subscribers in batches of 100 or more.  Contact support@alltheleads.com if you’re interested.

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