How to Market to Attorneys and Make Real Estate Videos for Facebook Ads | Probate Mastermind #284

Recorded Live on June 25, 2020

Call Re-cap:

Building Your Referral Network With Probate Attorneys, Fiduciaries (01:35)

Soji is interested in becoming an affiliate member of his local BAR.  Chad outlines where to look, how to reach out, and how to lock in the relationship step-by-step.


Targeting Real Estate Attorneys With Facebook Ads (9:21)

Derek is interested in setting up a custom audience of attorneys in his area and targeting them with ads on Facebook and LinkedIn. Chad lays out how to build the custom audience within Facebook, create copy for your ad and creative, and use your ad to drive people to a landing page where attorneys have solid calls to action to contact you right now.


Real Estate Marketing with Geofencing (15:33)

Bruce and Derek discuss geofencing strategy and how to use this type of marketing outside of Facebook’s restrictions for ads for housing.


Training and Managing A Virtual Assistant (16:58)

Mark is trying to lay out his marketing operations.  He has hired a virtual assistant.  What’s the best use of time for training and managing outsourced prospecting? Chad discusses the operations side and gives his calling script for virtual assistants that aren’t strong prospectors.

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Prospecting Attorneys (19:32)

Mark is curious how often and for how long he should try to market to attorneys.  Chad describes why multi-touch campaigns is even more efficient with attorneys compared to marketing to personal representatives. Bruce discusses using other industry professionals as a bridge/peer-to-peer referral opportunity.


YouTube Videos For Real Estate: Go Niche Or Not? (21:03)

Mark is building out his YouTube channel; should he keep it broad or focus on a niche?  Chad describes how to use one channel and segment different niches into different playlists so your traffic isn’t fragmented.  Chad and Mark also discuss how to bring other faces onto the channel and capture candid, high-energy moments. 

Tip: If your competition is watching, you can publish certain content as “unlisted” so your competition doesn’t try to grift your referral and vendor partners.  Simply send links to this content directly to your leads.

Tip: Chad discusses how to solidify your rapport at the end of a cold call by leveraging content that highlights your team.


Ex-Parte Petitions  (23:55)

Carlos is working with an ex parte petition.  Chad describes why the best option might be to go direct to the attorney handling the case.


What if the County is the Estate Administrator? (24:58)

This means a non-emotional party has been assigned as the administrator of the estate (In California, this is called a fiduciary). These are great opportunities for you to build referral relationships.


Email Marketing and Drip Campaigns For Probate Real Estate Leads (26:40)

Rossa and Chad discuss how to get started with email drips easily with a service like Mailchimp.

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Voice Courier Instead of Ringless Voicemail (28:53)

Rossa is looking to generate curiosity about his website and have people opt-in to speak with him, by leaving a pre-recorded message.  Chad describes why litigation risks are high in this market and how a voice courrier service can get the job done better and safer.

ATL Partner Packages with VoiceLogic: www.voicelogic.com/atl


Cold Calling In New York –  Opt-In Regulations (32:24)

James and Tim discuss how to prospect by phone without violating cold calling regulations in states with stricter COVID restrictions.


They’ve Been In The House Forever – Is This A Dead Lead? (34:24)

Renee is wondering if she should scrub probate leads with long-term live-in relatives from her list, especially if they’ve transferred the deed over to their name.  Chad and Renee discuss how to optimize here.


Contact Rates for Calls vs. Letters: Why Both Works Best Cold (36:18)

Chad describes why you can actually get the best results using a combination of different marketing touches rather than a high-quantity of a single touch. Chad describes the psychology behind this as well as his schedule for ordering each touch.


Cold Calling Regulations: Licensed Agent vs. Investor (38:48

Dave in Colorado follows up on the cold-call restrictions conversation from earlier.  What if you’re not a licensed agent? What if you’re calling personal representatives that live in another state? Tim describes how you can do your diligence to get absolute certainty on any cold calling restrictions that apply to you and the calls you make, wherever you make them.

Phone Numbers in Your Lead Lists (39:52

Chad describes the 5 phone number fields and how our proprietary skip-trace system works.


Breaking Through The Wall: Raising Contact and Conversion Rates during Covid-19 (43:03

Larry and the coaches discuss how to shake up an unmotivated lead list and land more conversations, more conversions, and more commitment. 


Calling on Behalf Of Someone Else: Restrictions? (45:05

Cheryl, Tim, and Jim discuss the legality of having others call for you/calling on behalf of someone else.


Leveraging Letters Of Intent While Waiting On Court Backlogs (48:48)

Maria has been working with a personal representative since March. He is willing to accept the cash offer from Maria’s cash buyer.  Maria is in Texas, so the seller will need to get muniment of 


Dual Agency, Agency Disclosures, and Unrepresented Buyer Addendums (50:08)

Chad and Maria discuss how she can continue to put together deals where she brings both the seller and buyer together.  Chad suggests getting the purchaser to sign an unrepresented party addendum and include this in the letter of intent signed by all parties.

See More: Maria Has TWO Closings! Plus, tune in to Mastermind Call #285 and hear the results of the above advice :).

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