Owner Financing, Sub2, Lease Option, and How To Get Deals FUNDED | Probate Mastermind #285

Recorded Live on July 02, 2020

These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!

Call Re-cap:

How To Follow-Up With Prospects With Premium Mailers (1:55)

Sarah has a listing presentation coming up (the appointment was set by ATL’s ISA service), and she’s looking for ideas to follow-up either before or after the appointment.  Sarah and Chad discuss follow-up mailers to prospects they have spoken with – something that will really wow them.  Chad and Sarah also discuss David Pannell’s follow-up process.

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How To Use A Virtual Assistant/ISA Caller To Optimize Your Real Estate Prospecting (4:30)

Sarah describes how her and her business partner used All The Leads’ ISA service to optimize their prospecting, and make sure their leads were being called! Sarah describes the appointment they set in the first week.

Deed in Trust? Lease Option? How, When, and Where to Mitigate Risks.  (5:41)

Dana is seeking to mitigate seller risk on a deal. Chad discusses best strategies.

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Optimizing Mail Campaigns With PROBATE PLUS+ Leads (9:40)

Renee is looking to optimize her marketing campaigns and hit all her viable leads with a mail touch.  Chad discusses the upcoming release of Probate Plus+ leads and how you’ll get way more information, way more return for less investment; the data is unmatched.  Chad discusses new mail products and how our systems will help you target your mail efficiently


Renee Shares How She’s Adjusted Her Probate Cold Calling Script (15:35)

Even though Renee offers retail and investment options, she incorporated this one line into the beginning of her cold call script to disarm prospects in a competitive Los Angeles market. Awesome use of sales psychology, Renee!!

How Covid Is Changing Court Data Recording/Access (17:46/22:16)

Maria and Tim discuss how her court system has changed data access as a safety precaution for Coronavirus.  Interesting!

Chad’s Elevator Pitch for Meeting With The Probate Court Clerks (19:47)

Maria is running into resistance with the Probate Clerks in her county courts.  Chad runs through her elevator pitch for landing a walkthrough of the local process for probate.  Maria also mentioned that she really hit that roadblock when she mentioned the word “realtor.” Chad underscores why you should always drop the title and just be you.

Also: Bruce adds extra advice on this subject later in the call at (24:09)

DOUBLE DIP ALERT!! Maria’s Listing Is Now Under Contract!! (23:12)

AND it’s a double-dip! Hear Chad and Maria engineer this deal on Mastermind Call #284.

Can Michael Get A Higher ROI Approaching Deals Subject-To with Higher Offers Than His Competition? (26:00

Michael lays out his vision and gives a specific deal he’s working on as an example to iterate.  Chad helps develop Michael’s plan.

How To Get A Take-Out Loan To Finance A Deal (30:55)

Chad lays out the steps to get takeout financing from the commercial division of a community bank and how this can let you walk away from the closing table with cash in hand. 

Rolling Subject-To’s Into Land Trusts (32:15)

Chad discusses his strategy for wrapping Subject-to’s into land trusts to prevent notes from being called due, keep the deal anonymous, and avoid state transfer tax.

How To Get Referrals From Real Estate Attorneys (35:35)

Jack is having great responses with his prospecting – EXCEPT with family attorneys.  He moved to a new state a year ago and is building a new sphere of influence as well.  The coaches brainstorm the roadmap for Jack to get in the door with these attorneys as a newcomer in the market.

How to Follow Up On A Phone Appointment Your ISA Set. (40:17)

Sarah is about to call back a personal representative who agreed to a phone appointment with her ISA. Chad and Jim emphasize opening the call with a reminder of the call and the assistant who called them, thank you for setting the time to speak, and use that time to discover the personal representative’s needs.

Realtor vs. Investor and How To Find Strong Partners. (43:01)

Olu asks how realtors and investors might approach probate leads differently.  She also asks for insights on the best way to approach land trust situations.  Chad discusses how to find realtors that have a strong understanding of investment strategy, then goes through the psychology and sales language that work best no matter who you are.
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