Recorded Live on July 09, 2020

These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!

Call Re-cap:

Leadership vs. Salesmanship: How Rosie Got The Prospect To Ask HER For The Appointment (7:48)

Rosie just finished mastery and has a goal of holding herself accountable. She is going to report back every week with a win or a failure, with the goal of holding herself accountable.  This is week one and she shares how she won a probate listing appointment.  Rosie and Chad discuss how to guide this prospect through the probate process, sale of the probate property, and through estate planning and investment to turn funds from the estate into income.

Beta Test Feedback: Jim Forsythe Shares His Experience with Probate Plus+  (14:35)

Jim Forsythe was a beta tester for Probate Plus+.  He and Chad discuss Jim’s experience with the data, what changes were made based on his feedback during the process, and how this system is creating new prospecting opportunities and optimizing existing ones.

Travis Gives Feedback On His Cold Calls Using The Probate Mastery Strategy (23:14)

Travis just finished Probate Mastery, got new leads, and dove into his calls.  He describes his nerves at first and how the approach he learned in Mastery really works.

Handling Objections: “There Is No Real Estate In The Estate” (23:54)

What should you say when a prospect tells you there is no real estate in the estate? Chad discusses multiple ways to offer value and monetize leads that have already listed, sold, or are keeping inherited property – or didn’t inherit property at all.

The Best Script for Returning A Missed Call (26:53)

What should you do when you answer/return an unknown call? Chad describes how to get through this without getting wrapped up in deduction.

Call Frequency: How Many Times and How Often Should You Call Probate Leads? (28:58)

Probate Leads are a bit unique because people do get caught up in the psychology of probate quickstand.

See More: Probate Quicksand and Pulling Personal Representatives Out Of It

ALSO: He got his leads a day ago and already called all 30.  Great job! That’s how you do it!

Handling Objections: We’ve Got Everything Handled [ROLE PLAY] (32:16)

Travis and Chad role play the common “we have everything taken care of” objection.  Chad tactfully responds with a question.  Usually, these types of responses are automatic and you can open the door to build rapport really easily by asking these questions.  

Travis Has A Probate Appointment TODAY! (36:12)

On his 10th call, Travis reached a lady who will be showing him the property at 3 o’clock today! She wants to take a cash offer.  He is looking at 10-15k if he wholesales the deal. Not bad for one call!

Beta Test Feedback: Aline Shares Her Feedback on the Valuation Feature (38:20

Aline beta tested Probate Plus.  She landed a last-minute appointment and used the valuation feature to run out the door and go into the appointment prepared.  The prospect told her on the phone “I’m not ready to sign today,” but Aline says her confidence due to this valuation feature let her go in and get the listing! Congratulations!

Aline and Bruce Discuss Accountability and Marketing Evolution (40:51)

Aline discusses the marketing she’s doing for Attorney Referrals.  Bruce also shares feedback from a coach’s perspective on how Aline’s tenacity on the phones is really attributing to her success. 

How Probate Mastery Got Me A Million Dollar Listing (42:31)

Rob got an agent-to-agent referral involving an estate sale.  He was taking Probate Mastery, let the agent know how this properly qualified him, and now he has a Million Dollar Listing!  Chad and Rob discuss how to proceed forward with this deal.

DNC Liability vs. Risk (50:18)

Mike in Pennsylvania and operates solo.  He is looking to expand into other counties and is curious what risks to be aware of and if there’s anything he can do to limit exposure and mitigate risk.  Chad describes why there really isn’t much risk, especially since Mike is an investor using an LLC.  Chad recommends he uses a phone number tied to the LLC.  Chad also discusses how to set up a trust to protect assets.  The legal opinions we have gotten also say cold calling probate leads isn’t a sales solicitation but a consultation, and the information is on public record. 

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