Probate Mastermind #274

Recorded Live on April 16, 2020

Today’s Top Probate Discussions:

  • Winning Attorney Relationships
  • Cold-Calling Scripts for Calling Leads During Coronavirus
  • Peter gets a $1.825 Million Listing and THEN Some!!
  • What If I Can’t Reach A Lead By Phone?
  • Pushing Probate Leads to Vulcan 7
  • Why You Shouldn’t Scrub Probate Leads That Appear To Be Out-Of-Area
  • Probate Leads for Investors
  • Transaction Engineering: Finding Buyers for Tenant-Occupied Property
  • Getting Motivated To Pick Up The Phone and Cold Call!
  • How To Network With Social Workers for Referrals

Call Re-cap:

John Wins A Relationship With TWO Attorneys (1:00)

John describes how he waited until he had a referral for an attorney, and how he ended up getting two attorneys offering to send him referrals on an ongoing basis.

How to Network With Attorneys Through Social Distancing? (3:24)

Eddie updates us on one of the leads he was working on with 4 properties – He will be making a cash offer.  Eddie then asks for some best practice tips on networking with attorneys that DON’T involve close contact during coronavirus and social distancing.  Chad breaks down the referral strategy and what sales language to use on any gatekeeper who answers the phone.

Jim Forsythe Shouts Out Chad’s SHIFT HAPPENS Series (6:37)

Jim Forsythe shouts out the SHIFT HAPPENS webinars.

Cold-Calling Scripts for Calling Leads During Coronavirus (10:21)

Anna is looking for some advice on retrofitting her call scripts and language to current events.

Peter gets a $1.825 Million Listing and THEN Some!! (12:23)

Peter in Boston has a Success Story!! He signed a listing for $1.825 Million! He also got another verbal agreement for a listing from his probate leads.  Another lead also got in touch with his junk removal guy, and that might turn into something viable.

What If I Can’t Reach A Lead By Phone (13:42)

Peter asks if he should use direct mail or simply reach out to the attorney. DO BOTH!

Creating a Probate Checklist For Co-Branding With Attorneys  (14:59)

Andy is looking for next steps now that he has an attorney interested in working together.  Chad describes how to create a Probate Checklist to use as a marketing piece.

Pushing Probate Leads to Vulcan 7 (17:25)

Andy and Chad discuss the API that pushes probate leads from ATL into Vulcan7.

Why You Shouldn’t Scrub Probate Leads That Appear To Be Out-Of-Area (18:22)

A new subscriber is getting her system down and making her calls.  I’m reaching people with needs out of state. What do I do? Chad describes how that’s easy referral money.  Chad also discusses out of state Personal Representatives and ancillary probate and why these are great opportunities. See More: What You Miss by Scrubbing Your Lists: Probate deals that aren’t on probate property lists https://www.alltheleads.com/probate-real-estate-leads-property-list/

Winning Attorney Relationships Without a Hard Referral (21:30)

Chad and Jim give advice on how to break a pattern and win attorney business even when you don’t have a referral to give yet.

Probate Scripts and Cold-Calling (25:02)

As a new subscriber, how can I get ready to cold-call? Chad describes how it’s hard to script out all the variables of probate conversations with a script.  Check out previous Role Play calls in our YouTube playlist https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7g5lIzgG8EfxPnihyRHwTHxnR_J_WRQ7 .

Here are some additional resources for handling objections when cold calling probate leads:

  1. Our Probate Attorney Said We Can’t Sell Until Probate is Closed!
  2. Call back in ___ days or ___ months.
  3. The Most Common Probate Real Estate Objections and how to handle them.
  4. Tips for Winning Face-To-Face Appointments – From Start to Finish! Probate Real Estate Training Top Plays https://www.alltheleads.com/tips-winning-face-face-appointments-start-finish-probate-real-estate-training-top-plays/
  5. Chad and Jim’s homeowner’s insurance trick for easing into the real estate conversation, or catching a lead who is about to hang up on you.  Recommendations for Homeowner’s insurance companies here: https://youtu.be/r7TUTMPN6f8?t=212

Probate Attorney Jargon (27:46)

Renee and Chad break down language in a letter from an attorney to better understand what the attorney is handling vs. what the personal representative will need to handle.  Renee is in California.  Bill Gross and Steve Hoopes have contributed great insight in the All The Leads Mastermind Group on what courthouses are doing to reduce backlogs from closures.

How to Find a Patient Investor Who Won’t Bail At The Closing Table (31:17)

With courts getting backlogged, what can be done to prevent investors from backing out?  Chad and Jim discuss their strategies and why a longer timeline can be a positive on the investor side. Chad and Jim also discuss how to push attorneys to get their job done promptly.

Probate Leads for Investors (40:29)

John is an investor looking to see how he can carve out a niche with probate leads.  Jim and Chad describe the opportunity for investors to make large spreads here.

See More:

  1. Why EVERY Investor and Agent should have an Agent/Investor partner: https://www.alltheleads.com/agent-investing-get-real-estate-license/
  2. Offering Sellers Vertically-Integrated Solutions Without Putting Your Own Capital On The Line.
  3. Tips for Going on Face-To-Face Listing Appointments and offering both brokerage and investment options (even if your goal is one or the other).

Transaction Engineering: Finding Buyers for Tenant-Occupied Property (47:56)

Alex Andre is working with a lead who is currently renting a condo to a lady who might move out in December.  The owner is considering selling.  What strategy should I use here?  Chad discusses how the best buyer here is an investor, since right now a good tenant renting for at least 6 months is a great thing. Chad recommends finding 1031 specialists.

Getting Motivated To Pick Up The Phone and Cold Call! (56:15)

Federico is trying to avoid analysis paralysis! He wants to start cold calling.  How can I get motivated?

Self-Storage is an Important Vendor! (58:30)

Gladys from Oregon is curious how to make a quick close happen on a house that needs to be cleared out! Chad discusses why having self-storage as a spoke in your wheel important.  Chad also discusses conveyance of personal items. Alternatively, leverage an essential worker to haul down to the local landfill.

How To Network With Social Workers for Referrals (1:01:26)

David is looking for a way to create relationships with social workers in his area. Chad describes who you should look to connect with at each facility and how to open a conversation with them.

See More: Unexpected Places to Find More Listings and Deals – Medicaid and Social Workers https://www.alltheleads.com/listings-deals-from-medicaid-properties-liens-clawbacks/

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