Probate Mastermind #275

Recorded Live on April 23, 2020

Call Re-cap:

ATL Introduces Bruce Hill – Your New Accountability Coach! (0:00)

Warm welcome to Bruce Hill, who will be handling monthly accountability coaching sessions for ATL subscribers!

How to Maximize Equity, Generate High Cash Offers Now (4:45)

John has a condo free-and-clear ready to sell. He prefers selling fast while still making money.  What strategies are best here? Chad discusses how he can maximize equity if he’d like to.  Then, Chad describes his strategy for starting low and attracting snowballing offers. Chad and John discuss processes, disclosures, and predictions for the economy.

How Do You Build a Probate Dream Team (13:40)

Caller asks for advice on building the dream team.

How do you Maximize Equity and Minimize Time To Close? (15:20)

Chad runs through the basic process of giving sellers options to sell and presenting how long each option will take.

Reviewing Offers and Negotiating Inspection Windows (18:15)

Renee is looking for advice on navigating the sale of a hoarder home where the seller is dragging their feet.  Since courts are a bit delayed, there is more time for someone to back out.  Chad discusses tips for negotiating inspection windows.

Leaving Voicemails While Cold Calling (27:25)

Tim asks for advice on cold-calling. Chad describes the purpose of a voicemail and runs through his voicemail script.

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Sibling Mediation: To Sell Or Not To Sell? (31:25)

Joury is an ISA making calls in Georgia.  She is looking for insight on disagreements between heirs.  The probate process is still in process.  Chad describes wills and state succession laws. Chad describes how to navigate heirs who disagree on selling.

One Party To List – Virginia (35:30)

Alison is navigating a probate sale where the attorney doesn’t want to cooperate.  Chad advises.

Personal Representative and Billing To The Estate (39:35)

Alison asks if the personal representative can use money from the estate to cover cleanout services. Chad describes steps the personal representative should take and how they can proceed with the proper accounting. .

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Can My Seller Switch Attorneys? (42:00)

Yes. The current attorney will invoice for hours to date, but this is a pretty basic thing to do.

Transaction Engineering: Turning a Seller Into A Lender (43:35)

Rebel is working on a deal and asks for an explanation on how to turn a seller into a private money lender.  Chad describes the process.

Mediation, Overbids, and Succession Laws (50:45)

Joelle is navigating a situation where a step-son is petitioning for rights.  The judge has ruled he was entitled to half of the estate.

Cold Calling Scripts: Controlling The Conversation (57:06)

Sam from Detroit is looking to tighten up his introduction.  He runs through his intro and what typically happens. Chad points out that Sam is losing control at the beginning of the conversation and goes through the USP to get past all these objections before they come up.

Transaction Engineering: Hoarder House in Florida (1:01:24)

Cindy is looking for a solution on a free-and-clear hoarder house in a low-income neighborhood in Florida.  Chad suggests that her ideal buyer is probably a landlord and discusses valuation and repairs, to price attractively for a landlord. The best idea here looks to be to wholesale this property: get a wholesale agreement in place and shop around to assign the contract.

Deals on Historical Leads and Letters (1:10:10)

Tim announces half off on historical leads and letters to them! Get in touch with your sales rep or contact support@alltheleads.com

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