Probate Mastermind #273

Recorded Live on April 09, 2020

Today’s Top Probate Discussions:

  • Transaction Engineering:  Offering Options Beyond A Cash Offer
  • How to Find AND Work With Investors
  • Leveraging Your Social Influence To Win B2B Referrals
  • Navigating Attorney Relationships During Social Distancing
  • Transaction Engineering: Inherited Property from Distant Relatives, Eviction Looming
  • Helping Clients Create Liquidity to Reinvest

Call Re-cap:

John’s Feedback on VoiceLogic ISA – 5 Responses Already! (9:01)

John shares his testimonial for VoiceLogic.  His ISA through their Voice Concierge service just started calling.  She made 83 calls and in one round she got 5 solid responses. That’s a 6% conversion on the first round!

Transaction Engineering: Offering Options Beyond The Cash Offer (12:00)

Eddie is interested in a property. The seller sort of has his feet in the ground.  How can he break through? Chad goes through the conversational language for presenting Contract for Deed or Holding The First Mortgage as two alternative options to a cash offer.

How to Find AND Work With Investors (18:10)

Terry is getting the ball rolling with Probate Leads. She has some vendors already, but she’s interested in finding and working with investors. How can she find them, and what should she know to best utilize them?

Learn More:

  • Chad’s Tips From The Trainer: 3 Ways To Find Cash Buyers
  • Mastermind Call #252: Segmenting Your Cash Buyers List and bird-dogging from a brokerage standpoint
    • (6:00) Ryan Gamble just graduated Probate Mastery and is looking for advice on building a cash buyer’s list. He remembered us mentioning something on a previous call, which was Chad’s Buyer’s Premium strategy.  Chad discusses how Ryan can build out his strategy for cash buyers.
    • (7:25) Chad discusses investment strategies: Segmenting your cash buyers list and bird-dogging from a brokerage standpoint
  • Mastermind Call #270: REIA Networking through Social Distancing (1:05:33)
    • (1:05:33) John was going to REIA groups and courthouses to find cash buyers. With social distancing, how can I keep networking? Chad discusses options like Meetup.com, local facebook groups for each REIA groups. Chad discusses conversational language to use when reaching out to cash buyer prospects, and how to read who is ready to do deals RIGHT NOW.
  • Also, learn how to present investment and brokerage options during a listing appointment: Tips for Going on Face-To-Face Listing Appointments
  • Why EVERY Investor and Agent should have an Agent/Investor partner

Leveraging Your Social Influence To Win B2B Referrals (20:50)

Chip from Syracuse is on a cold-calling shutdown through September First because of emergency response laws in New York State. How can he leverage social media influence? Chad lays out a strategy to use his audience as referrals for estate planning attorneys and social workers.

Navigating Attorney Relationships During Social Distancing (29:19)

Renee asks for advice on breaking through to Attorneys – who might be inundated with communications now that everyone is dealing with social distancing.  Chad and Jim discuss.

Transaction Engineering: Inheritance from Distant Relatives, Eviction (32:52)

Carolyn is navigating a deal where a very distant relative passed away and the family members are navigating probate for someone they didn’t know, on a property that is likely very distressed. Chad breaks down the probate petitioning process, Carolyn’s next steps, and potential options for extracting maximum opportunity here.

Transaction Engineering: Price Reduction, Owner Financing, and Utilizing Liquidity Now (44:19)

James is trying to come up with a roadmap for his sellers.  He describes the situation and Chad lays out the most viable options to offer his sellers, and how to motivate buyers for each option.

Presenting with Confidence (51:46)

Johnathan Hawkins asks for advice on listing presentations, especially during social distancing.

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