Contact Rates, Calling Windows, and Old Leads vs. New Leads | Probate Mastermind #324

Recorded Live on April 22, 2021

These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!

Call Re-cap:

00:00 General Updates

Jim and Bruce share general updates.

7:10 Calling Windows and Contact Rates

Clift just finished Probate Mastery and has a few questions about contact rates, time windows for best contact, and the DNC list. Bruce shares some of his statistics and offers advice for a prospecting strategy.
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20:03 Leveraging Your “Probate Expert” Status to Grow Your SOI.

Beth Whitney is making connections and getting listings through probate, using what she’s learned. She is having great success with the vacant insurance approach. Bruce offers advice on how she can not only use her expertise as a Certified Probate Expert, but also sharing real experiences of how she has helped.  This edge will give her endless opportunities to grow her sphere of influence and stand out as the probate specialist in her market. Bruce also offers advice to other listeners to follow Beth’s example of reaching out to Surviving Spouses instead of being afraid to.
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33:42 What Leads Should I Call First?

Nick has probate leads spanning several months to work with. Is there an order he should start prospecting them in? They are all worth calling, but don’t forget to reference any letters you’ve sent them along the way!

38:21 Cold Calling Leads That Don’t Have Real Estate

Nancy Brook is comfortable making calls, but she got caught up in an awkward moment when one of her leads told her there was no real estate in the estate.

44:34 Working Probates Remotely

Larry lives in Colorado but is interested in working probate leads in Texas remotely.  He used to live and is still licensed in Texas.  Jim and Bruce offer advice on finding boots on the ground and getting started.

50:25 Keeping in Touch Until The Appointment

Fed is working with a family that intends to sell the property in probate.  There are several decision makers and they live away from the property.  He set a tentative appointment with the family, but wants to make sure he stays top of mind between then and now to prevent any changes.

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