How to Get Started In Probate Investing | Scripts, Objections, and Response Patterns | Probate Mastermind #292

Recorded Live on August 20, 2020

These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!

Call Re-cap:

Best Intro for Real Estate Cold Calls (1:32)

Danny is trying to get his USP (Unique Sales Proposition) down so he can get engagement instead of getting hung up on.  Chad and Danny mastermind through how to ask better questions, communicate the value you can provide tactfully, and get affirmations from the prospect.  Bruce shares his insight on the sales psychology aspect and discusses the rule of 3s.  

Danny, great job getting on the phones and making those calls!

Worth Noting: Chad and Bruce will be releasing a new Probate Seller Interview Sheet with all the questions that have worked best for calling probate leads.  Make sure you are part of the All The Leads Mastermind Group on Facebook to grab it when it drops.

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Probate Prospecting: The AllTheLeads.com Free CRM (7:47)

Federico is looking for a practical way to trace call backs from older lists to pull up their lead info. Chad walks him through the process in the AllTheLeads.com CRM. 

Top Probate Agent David Pannell Shares Insights and A Live Prospecting Call (12:50)

David Pannell jumps in the Mastermind Queue and shares a live prospecting call.  He shares his advice and experience with his aggressive prospecting strategy and how he lands listings and deals with the most dismissive leads.

If you haven’t seen his case study, watch David’s 2019 video on building a $1,000,000 pillar in his business with probate leads. https://www.alltheleads.com/probate-real-estate-pillar-david-pannell-all-the-leads-reviews/

Chad and Dave are recording a 2020 follow-up case study. Make sure you subscribed to the All The Leads YouTube Channel or in All The Leads Mastermind on Facebook to be notified when it drops.

Sales Psychology for Prospecting Real Estate Attorneys (18:14)

Andy suggests a great idea: As Bruce and Chad put together a new seller interview sheet, how about adding some questions for probate attorneys? Chad and Bruce will include this.  Chad and Andy mastermind tips for delivering a winning proposition to attorneys.

See More: Ask The Expert – Everything You Need To Know About Working With A Probate Attorney to Grow Your Real Estate Business, With John Erik Fraker, JD

The Probate Timeline: Co-marketing with Attorneys (20:54)

John Carroll asks about probate timeline.  Chad discusses how to find a local probate attorney to create a timeline that fits local laws, and turn this activity into some serious  B2B relationship-building.

Breaking the “NO-THANKS” Conditioned Response Pattern (25:32)

Kathy keeps hearing the “no thanks, not interested, we’ve got it all handled” objection.  Chad breaks down the psychology behind this response pattern and how to break through it.

Check out our Role Play Playlist for live role play calls to hear objection-handling in action. 

“My Attorney’s Got It Handled” and the 80-20 Rule (29:29)

Kathy is trying to break through with a prospect who insists their attorney IS handling EVERYTHING.  Chad and Kathy work through how to use feel-felt-found instead of relaying advice in a way that seems accusatory.  Tactical empathy will be much more effective.  Bruce shares his pathway for navigating this objection during cold calls.

How to Get Started Investing With Probate Properties (35:27)

Caller is a wholesaler who’s interested in creative finance; that lead him to probate leads.  He jumped on the phone and realized he didn’t really know what to say, or if he should be contacting the attorney or the personal representative first.  Chad frames the purpose of making contact with both the administrators and attorneys and how to offer a vertically-integrated solution for both.  Then, Chad gets in-depth with how Caller can apply his creative financing skillset to provide real solutions and communicate to his prospects how his services can save them time and money.

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  1. The Best Script For Cold-Calling Probate Leads
  2. Why EVERY Investor and Agent should have an Agent/Investor partner
  3. Cold Calling Widows/Surviving Spouses in probate.
  4. Check out our Role Play Playlist for live role play calls to hear objection-handling in action.

Probate Plus+ and Exporting Real Estate Information (47:36)

Michelle and Chad discuss how to export lists from Probate Plus+ to download only “All With Real Estate”, as well as discuss upcoming features that are currently in development.

Optimizing Prospecting with a Dialer-System (48:51)

Chad and Federico discuss how to optimize prospecting with different dialer systems.  If you use Vulcan7, All The Leads can push your leads automatically each month and remove the import/export steps.

Pen and Paper vs. Productivity Systems (50:00)

Chad and Federico discuss human inability to multi-task and keep track of everything by pen and paper.  Chad offers insight on using shortcodes to disposition calls and use these short codes to focus in on different segments on different days and optimize workflow.

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