REAL Listing Appointments Reviewed and Critiqued | Cold Calling Steps and Sales Psychology | Probate Mastermind #291

Recorded Live on August 13, 2020

These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!

Call Re-cap:

Sawmill Investors?? How to Find Buyers for Any Property (4:07)

Jim Forsythe discusses three probate leads that are turning into deals and closings. One of the properties is full of timber.  Jim and discuss how these are some of the best opportunities if you reach out to the right investors.

MOTIVATION: Aline Shares WHY You Need To Work Old Leads (6:13)

Aline shares her progress with historical leads, which she’s used to fill her pipeline while courts are closed in her market.  A lead from November is turning into an opportunity for her.  This is a huge testament to following up with your leads and taking notes when applicable.  Aline notes that she is particularly targeting old leads she dispositioned as “not selling” months ago.

See More: A lot of families move through the probate process slowly, so probate leads age particularly well.  Probate Quicksand and Pulling Personal Representatives Out Of It

Also, Probate Plus+ was designed to be an “EASY” Button for old lists.  Months later, Probate Plus+ will run your leads and show you which ones still have property, still haven’t transferred title, have had any MLS activity, etc..

Sticks, Carrots, and Sales Psychology (12:49)

Aline and her brother are brainstorming ways to incentivize families to take action now.  Chad and Aline discuss different no-cost and low-cost ways to offer prospects a service now to win the deal later.  Chad discusses his strategy to start with a stick and turn that stick into the carrot.

Extracting The Most Value From Probate Homes (18:17)

Ron and Chad discuss what a typical probate house looks like and involves depending on the market.  Understanding who a property would be ideal for is key to extracting opportunities.

Building Your Referral Network (23:11)

Ron is in a small market with about 18 leads a month.  Chad and Ron discuss how to build a referral network and grow your sphere of influence until your business feeds itself.

Expired Mastery: The Mastermind Cold-Calling Formula. (27:40)

Federico has been getting Probate Leads since April, but had call reluctance until last week.  He’s calling about 40 leads a day.  He is interested in applying the probate approach to Expired Prospecting. Chad and Federico mastermind.  Bruce adds his formula for cold calling Expired Leads.

How To Use One Prospect’s Objection To Win Your Next Prospect (37:27)

Federico shares his progress with cold-calling.  He got his foot in the door with a prospect who initially tried to rush off the phone with the “I’ve got everything handled” objection.  The lead called him the next morning and Federico has already had several B2B referral opportunities from that lead.  Chad, Bruce, and Federico discuss how to freeze this story in the amber and use it as an entry point everytime future prospects deliver the same “I’ve Got It Handled” objection.

Productivity and Sales Training: Go From Phone Salesman to Trusted Professional, Friend. (41:19)

Chad and Federico discuss the pros and cons and best practices for note-taking while on the phone. Chad discusses the human capabilities of focus.

Presenting to Local Attorneys and Winning Referrals (46:12)

Delario and his business partner have a meeting with two attorneys from a network.  How can he and his partner deliver a solid presentation of the value he and his partner can bring and land this opportunity? Chad offers advice on getting in the right mindset first, and then delivering a solid service roadmap for each of the problems an attorney’s clients might face.

Probate Plus Shows The Deceased Actually Had 6 More Properties. Should I Mention These Properties While Cold-Calling? (59:15)

Joyce can see when the deceased owned more properties than listed in the probate.  Should Joyce mention this to the personal representative? Chad describes how this could make the conversation seem pervasive and inorganic, but that Joyce could still use that information to target her marketing efforts.

Real Listing Appointments: Review and Critique (1:04:21)

Joy has gone on 3 of the 4 appointments she’s won with probate leads.  She describes the situations to Chad to get feedback.

One situation involves a widow how broke down after the appointment and expressed that she just can’t do this.  Chad discusses what to do to help surviving spouses. 

See More: Calling Surviving Spouses https://www.alltheleads.com/probate-leads-for-real-estate/

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