Retire Early with Probate Real Estate | Live Probate Real | Probate Mastermind #293

Recorded Live on August 27, 2020

These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!

Call Re-cap:

What if the Executor of the Estate Also Passes Away? (00:55)

Danny had two other questions, but he had a coaching call with Bruce Hill before Mastermind started and Bruce happened to answer two of them.  Danny is looking for where to go next after the administrator of the estate also passed away.  Chad describes who to go to and where to look to find the next in the line of succession.

I Got the Attorney Appointment – How Do I Impress In Person??? (3:59)

Christine is doing one mailing and one round of ISA calls from All The Leads and is landing an opportunity every 60 leads.  Christine is ready to ramp up her focus on Probate and this includes reaching out to local attorneys. Christine is in Fairfax, where 80% of probates are filed without representation. Chad describes how Christine can shape her “Ask” around being able to provide marketing to these folks – something attorneys can’t accomplish themselves due to solicitation laws.  Christine actually landed an appointment with this exact approach.  How can she impress in person?

How To Shorten Prospecting Calls AND Still Get The Appointment (10:22)

Eddie’s prospecting calls are running very long, and as a result his productivity is limited.  How can Eddie balance empathy and productivity?  Chad reminds Eddie what his goal is here and how to lead the conversation with good questions.  

David Pannell Shares Creative Ideas for Attorney Prospecting (20:25)

David Pannell shares ideas to get a foot in the door with attorneys and win ongoing referrals.

David recently filmed an update to his 2019 “Year One In Probate” Case Study and it is FULL of nuggets. Watch David’s Year Two Case Study Here.

Prospecting With Probate Plus+ and Managing Additional Fields (30:22)

Ensy Afdari is using a RedX dialer system and is curious how to go about exporting the hundreds of additional property data fields included with Probate Plus+ efficiently.  Chad discusses.

Establishing Name Recognition (35:15)

Caller is curious how David establishes name recognition: How do all of his callers remember him on a first-name basis during follow-up calls? Chad and Jim clarify David’s prospecting strategy.  David jumps back on the line to share his prospecting schedule and his insight for not getting too wound up in the “What Ifs” of prospecting.

Attorney Says One Thing, Seller Heard Another? How To Fix A Game of Telephone. (41:27)

White is working with a prospect who – even though they have letters of testamentary – says she can’t sell. She’s heard incorrect things from other agents and investors, and also seems to be misunderstanding her attorney’s direction.  White and Chad mastermind how to reconcile the misunderstandings here to help this seller get the property sold, get the funds in the estate, and remove the burden of carrying holding costs the longer this drags on.  It’s important to remember that what a prospector thinks they heard might not be what was said – it was just misunderstood.  

“It’s The Best Lead Source Out There” (48:20)

White shares his experience working probate leads for several years.  “It’s the best lead source out there!” Next, he describes the most common thread – that the attorney will handle everything a family needs to deal with in probate.  If you can help people realize this isn’t true and that you can really help save them a lot of stress and time wasted. Lastly, White describes a recent person he helped in this way.  Great job, White!

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