Probate Mastermind #270

Recorded Live on March 19, 2020

Today’s Top Probate Discussions:

  • Coronavirus, Quarantines, and Contact Rates
  • ISA Calls Are Back!
  • Gladys is Knocking Deals Out Left And Right, Even Through Coronavirus!
  • Social Media Copy and How To Be Micro-Local
  • Shaping Your Unique Selling Proposition
  • Mail Frequency and ROI
  • Funding Improvements When A Seller Has No Cash
  • Turning Personal Representatives into Private Money Lenders

Call Re-cap

Coronavirus, Quarantines, and Contact Rates (0:55)

Jim shares his insight on increasing contact rates during this time – since everyone is stuck at home!

New Letters, Discounts for Campaigns (3:46)

Tim describes the new letter templates our Mailbox Motivator team is rolling out, discounts to help reduce campaign costs during this time, and advice for general farming.

ISA Calls Are Back! (6:35)

Contact rates are going up for those campaigns we’ve still been calling on auto-pilot since we closed our ISA center to new customers at the beginning of the year.  We are opening back up to all interested in having our team make the cold callers for you.

New Training Programs: Becoming A Top Performer (8:21)

Chad describes the coaching program he is rolling out with other top masterminds to teach agents not just how to weather the storm, but thrive in it. You’ll learn the strategies, negotiation tactics, technical resources, and more that Chad and his mastermind group have used to build blue oceans in tough times.

Gladys Is Landing Deals Through Coronavirus! Without Making calls! (15:28)

Gladys is doing extremely well through the coronavirus happenings. She hasn’t even made ANY calls. She is sending letters. She closed two deals last week and got three more under contract this weekend. How’s that for some motivation during this time?

Seller Mindset During Coronavirus (18:43)

Gladys and Chad discuss the mindset of sellers. Gladys said the motivation hasn’t changed at all and if anything else it might be increasing.  Her buyers are visiting the properties in person before penning their offers as well.

What Services Should I Offer To Win Business? (21:25)

Gary wants to offer free services that don’t involve the real estate at first, but wrap it around to the real estate conversation eventually.  What’s a quick laundry list of possible services he can offer?

Feedback on ATL’s ISA Program (27:50)

Christine shares her results using the ATL ISA Program. Thanks for sharing, especially since we are opening it back up!

Social Media Copy and How To Be Micro-Local (28:40)

Christine and Chad discuss how to target probate leads with Facebook ads, and how to brand yourself as a hyper-local solution. Chad describes his insight on what type of content and copy works best. Interrupt, Engage, Educate, Call-To-Action.

The Probate Timeline (34:27)

Giusella is about to send her third letter (she orders the Frank Patrick letters through All The Leads).  She is interested in learning more about what her clients need to do to go through to complete the probate process. Chad summarizes the timeline.

(See More: Working With A Probate Attorney to Grow Your Real Estate Business, With John Erik Fraker, JD, from California.)

Probate Quicksand and Marketing to Historical Leads (41:35)

Dennis Milonas jumps in the queue to mastermind a mail campaign to historical leads. How far back should he go? Chad discusses.

Shaping Your Unique Selling Proposition (43:50)

Kyle is trying to lay out his USP. Chad and Kyle mastermind how to frame your offer to overcome people’s most common objections. Chad lays out how to cover who you are, what you do, why you’re contacting them, where you work concisely all up front. Chad underscores that you should ALWAYS end on an emotional, open-ended question. You don’t always need to list services right away – this is probably the thing you should change the most, depending on how you read the person.

When Do I Bring Up The Real Estate (49:03)

Kyle and Chad discuss how to segway into the real estate conversation. Chad offers his insight on knowing when you’ve gotten enough engagement and rapport to offer a real estate solution.

“Why Do I Need An Attorney?” (50:56)

Rhonda shares her advice to other agents and investors to not be afraid their leads will be withdrawn this time. Probate is recession-proof! She also recently had a call where the personal representative asked her why he would need an attorney if the siblings all agreed. Chad describes how to respond to this and better explain what a probate attorney can do beyond typical legal litigation.

Funding Improvements When A Seller Has No Cash (54:50)

Mike from Massachusetts asks how to help families without liquidity make repairs and get more for the sale of property. Chad discusses.

Here are two great resource:
Offering Sellers Vertically-Integrated Solutions Without Putting Your Own Capital On The Line: https://www.alltheleads.com/can-protect-risking-capital-motivated-seller-needs-additional-services-cleanouts-repairs-rehabs-etc/

AND 5 Ways To Access Equity for Improvements When Traditional Financing Isn’t an Option: https://www.alltheleads.com/5-ways-access-equity-improvements-traditional-financing-isnt-option/

Options Letter Template (1:00:39)

Paul from Colorado Springs. Paul asks what letter Gladys is using – Jim discusses our Options Letter, and Tim discusses how part of Gladys’ success is the repetition.

REIA Networking through Social Distancing (1:05:33)

John was going to REIA groups and courthouses to find cash buyers. With social distancing, how can I keep networking? Chad discusses options like Meetup.com, local facebook groups for each REIA groups. Chad discusses conversational language to use when reaching out to cash buyer prospects, and how to read who is ready to do deals RIGHT NOW.

Mail Frequency and ROI (1:09:37)

John is curious if he should change his letter copy or frequency. Chad discusses direct mail marketing statistics and how to get that higher ROI from campaigns.

Turning Personal Representatives into Private Money Lenders (1:13:08)

Darnell is from Virginia. He’s asking for Chad’s insight on leveraging inheritance funds.  Chad describes how investors frequently miss huge opportunities here to create long term private money lenders.

Richard Shares His Feedback on Mailbox Motivator (1:16:54)

Richard Eaton reiterates the importance of sending out multiple letters. He got his first Come-List-Me call in the industry from his probate leads.

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