Probate Mastermind #269

Recorded Live on March 12, 2020

Today’s Top Probate Discussions:

  • Coronavirus and Real Estate: State of The Market
  • Autodialers vs Ringless Voicemail
  • Scaling Your Cold Calling Operations
  • Business Brokering and Baby Boomers
  • Advanced Strategies: Dave’s Virtual Deals, Fix-and-List Service, and Creative Finance Strategies
  • Transaction Engineering: Is This Deal Worth It?

Call Re-cap

Coronavirus and Real Estate: State of The Market (0:01)

Tim, Jim, and Chad discuss the coronavirus, the state of the market, and implications for real estate in general.  Probate will be a particularly stable niche through this time, especially if you are able to work with cash offers and find unique ways to get inventory.

Autodialers vs. Ringless Voicemail? What’s the difference? (7:31)

John is using Mojo dialer and leaving a voice message that he records.  Is this the same as ringless voicemail? Are the laws different? Chad discusses.

Scaling Your Cold Calling Operations (12:35)

John is looking to expand his prospecting efforts.  John and Chad discuss ISAs, virtual assistants, and general best practice tips for success.  Chad mentions The Success Principles by Jeff Canfield and what it teaches about extracting results: The calls need to be made. Chad also discusses Daniel Ramsey’s company My Out Desk and the stellar virtual assistant company his team has developed.

Probate, The Economy, and Opportunities for Business Brokering (23:35)

Gary asks how probate leads can relate to business brokering and judgement enforcement. Chad discusses the baby boomer statistics on small business ownership and acquisitions. There is a massive opportunity in business acquisitions from baby boomer-owned businesses (small businesses <$3,000,000). Chad will post his recommendations for list brokers to the All The Leads Mastermind Group.

Building Momentum – Probate Leads Are Golden Oldies (28:18)

Ryan shares his story of building momentum. He’s gotten come list me calls before, but this one came from a lead that was two years old.  Chad and Ryan discuss the long-standing momentum behind probate marketing.  Ryan is now going back and prospecting through year old leads to double down on his 1-3-6 month campaigns. WOO-HOO!!!!!

Instant Come-List-Me Call! (31:29)

Jennifer’s letters just went out (she received her copy yesterday), and she got a “Come-List-Me!” call at 8:30 this morning.  She is meeting with that seller and also working on another deal. Congratulations!

When Should I Make Cold Calls? (33:20)

Jennifer is trying to plan her prospecting strategy. How should she space her letters and follow-up calls? Should she leave voicemails?

Guiding a Seller Through The Petition Process (39:20)

Soji is working with a probate situation where the granddaughter of the deceased is waiting to be appointed as estate administrator. This is in the State of California.  She is ready to sell the house, and there is urgency because of the current market situation.  Chad discusses how Soji can guide his client through this process and get a signed letter of intent.

How Can I Network With Estate Planners? (45:20)

Dave is interested in building business relationships with Estate Planning Attorneys in his area. What’s the best way to reach out to them and win referrals? Chad discusses.

Advanced Strategies: Dave’s Virtual Deals, Fix-and-List Service, and Creative Finance Strategies (48:45)

Dave just closed out another deal – He worked it virtually using Chad’s Net Seller Sheet strategy. Dave has also rolled out a fix-and-list service to help people fund improvements and sell for top dollar. For more on how you can help sellers access equity for improvements, see this Tips From The Trainer.

Chad and Dave discuss the fix-and-list strategy and how that’s helping him win more business, and how Dave is funding these projects without risking his own capital.

Transaction Engineering: Is This Deal Worth It? (57:05)

Renee is trying to see if and how she can extract value from this deal.  Chad and Renee discuss creative financing options.

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