Probate Mastermind #271

Recorded Live on March 26, 2020

Today’s Top Probate Discussions:

  • Tools For Branding, Social Posts, and Video for Real Estate
  • Voice Logic and ISA Strategy
  • Primary vs. Ancillary Probate
  • Domain Names And Branding Your Marketing
  • Prospecting Historical Leads
  • Building A Vendor Team
  • Personal Representatives vs. Fiduciaries
  • Success Stories and Micro-Case Studies From Subscribers

Call Re-cap

New Webinar: SHIFT HAPPENS – How To Thrive In A Changing Market (0:15)

Chad and Jim discuss the first session of SHIFT HAPPENS and what they anticipate the series to become.

New Podcasts with Jim Sullivan (3:27)

Jim describes new podcasts he’s done with Tim and Julie Harris, Joe Mendoza from the Tom Ferry Coaching Program, and discusses how to suggest additional content.

Voice Logic and ISA Strategy (10:53)

John discusses his experience with Voice Logic and how he is designing his campaigns.  For split-test purposes, what should I do? Chad and John discuss.

Mail Frequency for Historical Leads (14:05)

When mailing to historical leads, should I follow the same schedule I use for new leads? Jim and John discuss frequency, ROI, and cost efficiency.

Call Frequency and Budgeting for ISA Services (15:18)

John is curious how to best balance a budget and an ISA service. How many rounds should I have ISAs go through before I pull the plug?

Working From Home and Prospecting (20:18)

Aline discusses how she has adjusted her mindset and kept pounding at the pavement during current events.  Aline shares that people are actually appreciative! She wants to keep calling, but is overcoming pragmatic issues with new changes like working from home and homeschooling during social distancing.  Chad and Aline discuss. Chad discusses a book called The Five-Hour School Week.

Becoming the Voice of Certainty – Cut the Small Talk and Keep It Positive (23:45)

Aline shares how she’s pretty much avoiding all small talk about what’s going on – “We all know what’s going on.”  She shares a specific situation where she worked with the family of an elderly homeowner to complete a market analysis from photos a relative took.  This overcomes the social-distancing obstacle. She is in New Jersey and still finding creative ways to deal with some of the most strictest regulations.

Shortening The Path To Closing (28:10)

Brian from Texas is on full auto-pilot.  He just had an appointment set for May 4th.  What should I do in the interim to touch base? How can I move this forward rather than waiting?

Primary vs. Ancillary Probate (31:53)

Brian discusses another appointment where the property is located in Houston. Chad discusses primary probate and ancillary probate.

Building A Team (34:37)

Caller asks for advice on building a team. How can I vet them? How do I work out the logistics? How do I present this to the seller?

MORE: Offering Sellers Vertically-Integrated Solutions Without Putting Your Own Capital On The Line: https://www.alltheleads.com/can-protect-risking-capital-motivated-seller-needs-additional-services-cleanouts-repairs-rehabs-etc/

Probate Attorneys vs. Estate Planning Attorneys (38:46)

Caller asks “What’s the difference between attorney estate planners and probate attorneys?” Chad discusses how most do both and how you can win referral business through both routes.

Domain Names And Branding Your Marketing (40:55)

Soledad is curious about domain names and if mentioning probate is a deterrent or eye-catching.  Chad discusses how to brand marketing directed at probate leads as well as how to choose a scalable brand name.

Why You Should Mail Old Leads AGAIN (43:02)

Steven just sent letters out. He has a smaller lead list and is curious if it’d be worth it to send a second letter out quickly or start working older leads.  Absolutely yes! Probate leads age exceptionally well.

Personal Representatives vs. Fiduciaries (47:15)

Joy spoke to a petitioner, but the judge appointed a fiduciary. Who should I deal with? Since the fiduciary has the authority, you should deal directly with them

Success Story: Why The ATL Approach Works So Well (49:00)

Renee shares how the Mastermind Community is not only bringing her opportunities, but also underscoring the value behind what she is doing in the probate field.

Micro Case Study: Colette Shares What She Is Doing to Scale Her Business (52:20)

Colette discusses referral networks, getting more commissions at closing, email lists co-branded with attorneys, and showcasing your vendor team. Colette will be doing a facebook live with her 0-tax retirement planner – Please get in touch with her if you’d like to join:

Reading List: New Suggestions (57:30)

Joyce and Chad discuss some books mentioned on SHIFT HAPPENS.

How To Network With Attorneys During Social Distancing (58:40)

Chris from Phoenix is looking for some insight on building attorney relationships while it isn’t really possible to drop by the office in person.

New Historical Letter Template (1:03:55)

Brian Yates from SoCal just signed up. What’s a good letter to start with if I’m looking to mail someone 6 months back?

Tools For Branding, Social Posts, and Video for Real Estate (1:06:27)

Brian is looking for some tools to start ramping up his content. Chad discusses the tools we use here at ATL, which include

  1. GRAPHICS AND SOCIAL POSTS: Adobe Spark for simple graphics – Canva, PicMonkey are similar options. It’s pretty easy to resize the same image for use on multiple platforms with any of these three apps.  (Cost: All have free versions and very affordable premium versions.)
  2. VIDEO EDITING: Wondershare Filmora9 – Video editing software with a simple interface and intermediate-level features (Katt learned video editing from scratch using this).  (Cost: The lifetime license is about $60)
  3. SLIDE DECKS AND INFOGRAPHICS: Powerpoint – Great for creating placeholder images and infographics.  You can save the slides as single images or as a video file to incorporate into videos. (Cost: Free if you have Microsoft Office already. Open Office is a free software platform that has a presentation program as well)
  4. PHOTO-EDITING: GIMP – Open-source image editing similar to photoshop.  It has all of the advanced features so it looks a bit overwhelming, but is still a great tool for simple tasks like removing backgrounds, cropping, and scaling images. (Cost: FREE)

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