Probate Mastermind #262

Recorded Live on January 23, 2020

Top Probate Discussions:

  • How to get a signed listing agreement anyway when someone says “I have a buyer interested”
  • Networking at your local REIA
  • Why you need to call surviving spouses/widows
  • Building motivation behind cash offers
  • BONUS: Maria and Richard share updates on their deals!

Call Re-cap

One Letter = Three Closings and an Attorney Relationship (2:33

Richard Eaton is calling in with an update from last month, when he got 2-3 come-list me calls in a row. One is closing next week, second the week after that, and the third is under contract on hold. This was all from one letter.  Jim notes that scrubbing your lists can cause you to miss probate deals that aren’t on probate property lists.

Networking at your local REIA – Best Practices  (8:39)

Joe Lehman is looking for advice on how to present himself and make introductions at local REIA meetings. Chad describes the value in networking at these types of meetings, and details how he presented something of value to win some extremely lucrative relationships.

Why Calling Surviving Spouses Should Be a Priority (17:55)

Joe offers his encouragement – call surviving spouses! Even if you’re hesitant, you need to understand that Cold Calling Widows/Surviving Spouses in probate likely need your help more than anyone.  This is where the value you provide matters more than ever. Make those calls and come from a position of service and you’ll be surprised how rewarding it is.

“I think I have someone who wants to buy the house” How to get a signed listing agreement anyway (23:17

Maria had her appointment on Saturday! It went very well and she’s “two-seconds away from signing.” Chad asks her to describe the situation (a neighbor budding in) and offers tips to close with this seller.

Competitive Marketing Without Cold-Calling (29:25)

Joyce’s brokerage has gotten hit with fines for cold-calling, so she needs to put her marketing efforts elsewhere.  What can she do to stay competitive even as others are still picking up the phone?

Credibility Websites for Probate: Worth It? (36:35)

John is considering starting with probate. How important is a credibility website at first? Chad describes how credibility websites are a great tool to get leads to bookmark you mentally for when they’re ready to pick up the phone, offers an alternative strategy for when a new website is currently outside of your budget, and gives his advice on choosing a brand that can grow as you grow.

How Do I Tell Them I Want To Make A Cash Offer Myself? (42:47)

Daniel Baum asks how to tell a client he wants to purchase their property with a cash offer without shattering the trust and rapport he built by framing himself as an expert. Chad describes how to go on Face-To-Face Appointment and Leave Your Hat At The Door, and how you can use a Seller Net Sheet to Increase Motivation Behind Cash Offers.

How to Get People To Bring Up Their Real Estate Needs First (51:30)

Daniel shares that people are jumping to real estate even if he hasn’t mentioned it yet.  Chad shares statistics on how this is the biggest problem most people have to deal with in probate, and offers verbiage to lead the conversation in the right direction

Fine-Tuning Your Catch at the End Of The Call (53:24)

Daniel shares a question he asks when the call has gone well, but towards the end the client is wavering.  Chad offers advice on optimizing that question and getting it to land.

Here are some additional resources for handling objections when cold calling probate leads:

  1. Our Probate Attorney Said We Can’t Sell Until Probate is Closed!
  2. Call back in ___ days or ___ months.
  3. The Most Common Probate Real Estate Objections and how to handle them.
  4. Chad and Jim’s homeowner’s insurance trick for easing into the real estate conversation, or catching a lead who is about to hang up on you.  Recommendations for Homeowner’s insurance companies here: https://youtu.be/r7TUTMPN6f8?t=212

Richard Describes His Credibility Website (55:36)

Richard Eaton describes his credibility website and how it’s worked for him, in response to John’s question above.

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