Probate Mastermind #261

Recorded Live on January 16, 2020

Top Probate Real Estate Topics:

  • No More Cancelled Appointments
  • How To Optimize Marketing on a Smaller Budget
  • YES, You Should Get Your License!
  • Asking the Right Questions
  • *BOOM!* On The Spot Role Play!

Call Re-cap

Maria Got Her First Appointment! (2:08)

Maria from Fort Hood/Killeen, TX has just secured her first appointment! Congratulations!

Getting Leads Excited to Meet With You – No More Canceled Appointments (2:51):

Maria’s goal is to list the property. She’s looking for advice on going on the appointment.  She realizes she didn’t ask enough questions during the call before setting the appointment.  Chad helps layout a roadmap on where to go from here, and how to secure solid appointments during the first conversation.

Do I Call The Personal Representative or the Attorney? (9:22):

George asks if he should spend his time going after personal representatives or their attorneys? Both! Chad describes why and how to get started.

Should I Send Letters or Make Cold Calls? (11:14):

Chad answers that both should be done in combination, but explains that you want to make sure your approach stands out from the typical “we buy houses, we handle real estate!” language personal representatives are trying to block out. The goal is to get engagement and build rapport by offering real value.

How To Optimize Marketing On A Smaller Budget (13:30):

Erin from Austin, TX asks for advice on maximizing her budget.  She’s new and curious about using notice to debtors from the newspaper as a lead source. Chad discusses.

Probate Opportunities: Realtor vs. Investor (19:40)

Ryan isn’t licensed.  He wants to know what percentage of personal representatives end up being open to wholesale or investment deals? Chad discusses David Pannell’s Probate Case Study, where he’s been outcompeting iBuyers in a highly competitive market. Chad also discusses why investors should offer both brokerage and investment options, either by getting licensed or finding a licensee that understands investing.

What Agreement Can Investors Make With Investors for Compensation? (23:32)

Chad describes options here, but notes that he was able to get his license in 13 days. If you want it, get it, and this question won’t even be an option.  You’ll also have a competitive edge over other wholesalers that aren’t bound by the same ethics as a licensee.

Flexible Brokerage Options (26:55):

Ryan doesn’t want to feel obligated to operate like a traditional MLS agent. Chad discusses options for finding a Broker that works for your business model.

Multi-Touch Direct Mail Marketing (28:40):

Antonio asks about varying letters in the sequence.  Chad says timing and consistency in message are a bigger priority than trying to rework the salescopy constantly.

How Bill Won A Listing By Asking The Right Questions (30:57):

Bill Janiga from Michigan met with the children of a gentleman who is going into a nursing home.  The mother has already passed.  Bill has built good rapport with the family by helping them to change the locks.  The father has a judgement against him, and they want to sell the property. What is the best way to approach this?

Welcome to Probate! Networking Opportunity in Georgia (37:37):

Dale Green from Lilburn just signed up and gives an introduction.  His partner is getting licensed, and they will be pursuing probate from the investment and brokerage side. If you’re in the area, they are open to networking!

**On-The-Spot Role Play!** (39:17):

Derek is just getting started, and he is running into the common objections while cold calling probates. Chad puts him on the spot to role play live in front of 100+ agents and investors nationwide. Chad breaks his delivery down and offers a roadmap to get engagement.

Mortgages and Propstream (45:35):

Janelle is working with a family who is pre-Probate.  There is money owed on the property.  She wants to find out the amount owed on the property and lives in a no-disclosure state (Texas).  What are her options? Chad discusses how to get a release for authorization to bring to the mortgage lender. Chad also discusses Propstream and why it’s worth integrating into a business model like Janelle’s

Offering a Common Denominator for Any Type Of Situation (52:05):

Stephen is curious about when to navigate towards wholesale vs. listing deals.  In addition to his real estate business, Stephen is also a CPA. Chad discusses how to approach ANY deal and package his CPA title in as a marketing tool.

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