Probate Mastermind #241

Recorded Live on August 22, 2019

Today’s take-away: Today was a great regrouping call! As we move through the summer and approach the back-to-school season, where conventional seller leads slow down a bit, we are seeing so many agents and investors get proactive NOW to make sure their pipeline stays filled.  Some great advice on this call for touching base with older leads, getting your current marketing campaigns in order, and diving into new leads.

This Week’s Training Highlights:

Resources mentioned in this call:

  1. Aaron Wittenstein’s Awesome Facebook Group for Lead Gen Scripts and Objections: https://www.facebook.com/groups/gotobjections/
  2. Donna’s RolePlay Highlight: https://youtu.be/ZeyJ6Ea6020
  3. David Pannell’s Case Study: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twb5PrpXcRk
  4. Tips for Prospecting Attorney Relationships:

Call Re-cap

  • 4:18 Aaron Wittenstein from the awesome Facebook group Lead Gen Scripts and Objections joins us! Aaron is a FSBO and Expired master who prospects live in a group with 50,000 members so make sure you check out his group! Aaron also just got a “Come List Me!” call from a letter he sent.  He is working with an attorney he already knows from other real estate niches to carve out a bigger niche in the Probate field.  How is a probate client different from these conventional styles? They are so much easier and rewarding!!!
  • 10:04 Thurmon calls in – My letters went out last week and got a call back! It was a lightning strike. What do I do?
  • 12:17 Thurmon asks: How can I get my website switched over to All The Leads from GoDaddy?
  • 13:55 Cliff calls in.  Is there a preferred time-frame for making cold-calls? Jim gives some pointers for what to do when you can’t make contact during conventional times.
  • 23:41 Janet calls in and asks about what she can do to get started since her county is on a waitlist.
  • 27:13 Richard jumps in to share his success story!  He was listening to Aaron lead gen live this morning! Richard gives his feedback on how ATL and Vulcan7 have worked really well together. He gets a come-list me call just about every time he sends a round of mailers, about 75-95 letters each month go out.  Richard adds that the value-oriented approach – being able to offer multiple solutions instead of just boxing himself in as just an investor or realtor would – has been key!
  • 30:50 Donna Hastings calls in about mailers for attorneys.  Donna also asks about average conversions for calling. Donna also shared that she has gotten into much longer conversations ever since her roleplay call with Chad!!
    39:20 David Pannell forgets what he was going to ask (Hahaha). He describes exactly what Aaron said.  Both have been so successful with FSBOs and Expireds and other conventional leads, but the success they are finding with Probate leads has been extremely rewarding.
    43:50 Ben from Texas just signed up for Mastery. He is a wholesaler and is wondering the best way to utilize his budget as he grows.  He has already pulled his list from the courthouse.  Try your best to do 30 letters, each followed by a phone-call, with 30 days separating each.  The combination over time is really what makes it the most powerful.  Take the data you have and skiptrace. Outline his marketing schedule in a calendar to make sure it gets done and nothing slips through the cracks.  Make sure you take off your “wholesaler” hat and just be YOU.  Also, find a solid realtor to partner with who understands wholesaling and your brand.  The agent might also help you defer costs.
  • 52:22 Mike has some questions about dialers and getting started making his calls.

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