Probate Mastermind #242

Recorded Live on August 29, 2019

Today’s big takeaways: Using Facebook in your probate marketing, retargeting through facebook ads, and using all the fun stuff – Ad Copy, Content, Landing Pages – in your social media marketing.

This Week’s Training Highlights:

Call Re-cap

1:16 Renee asks about automation with our mailings. She is new and just got her first set of leads.  We discuss our process – Our mail team will work with you to pick out the templates you like, add any customizations, and get you on autopilot.  You can also opt any of your leads in or out in the CRM if you’d like to remove/add them back in for future marketing touches.
6:37 Renee follows up on a prior discussion on the effectiveness of Facebook ads. We go through what it takes to launch a successful ad campaign through Facebook, the general nature and function of Facebook Ads and how it differs from Google Ads, and touch on topics such as brand awareness, connecting marketing to probate subtly, marketing off-market opportunities, and using Facebook ads to attract potential partners/vendors for your service wheel.
14:05 Katt and Renee discuss retargeting through Facebook Ads insights
18:50 Using blog/educational content to capture new business to business relationships.
20:11 How can we capture leads? Should we push people to a capture form? Tips for creating audiences based on who paid attention/engaged with your posts.
22:39 Using Facebook Pixel – The Basics
25:31 Theodore wants to know more about potential dispositions: What philosophy should I present to someone when I’m ready to meet with them? In other words, what is the outcome of most of these leads: Lease options, listings, etc..? How can I deliver the right solution?
31:18 If auctions have gone completely digital in my area, is there a way I can find other investors to joint-venture with?.
34:44 David jumps on and forgets his question, Instead he shares with Renee his results in using Facebook Ads as a way to follow-up with leads – the fortune is in the follow-up, and you can probably save a lot of money by focusing your Facebook efforts towards retargeting prospects you’ve already reached out to another way.
•David discusses his experience with the different outcomes – He is getting acquisitions, listings, even some wholetailing situations. He discusses how he doesn’t box himself in as just an agent.
42:50 Jose asks for insight on providing financial incentives for winning face-to-face meetings.  We discuss best tips for effective sales copy for both print marketing and social media ads. Connotations matter!
47:08 – Some insights on how Facebook has changed, and is continuing to change, targeting parameters that could allow real estate professionals to engage in discriminatory practices.  This includes a new minimum targeting range for 15 miles when targeting by zipcode.
50:46 Steven is a newcomer, but after hearing Chad on Clayton Morris’ podcast, he is motivated to enter the probate niche as someone who can help people and their families. Jordan gives some best practice tips for succeeding in Probate. Thanks for your question Steven, and your service!
1:00:00 Evelyn jumps in and thanks David for sharing his feedback and encouragement!
1:01:15 Dave got his first lead from his Lead Follow WHILE on the call (Awesome!!!!). We discuss some ideas to call this lead up!
1:08:53 Kenneth calls in with a JUICY situation! He is working on a deal where the deceased’s son and a woman he remarried are contesting the will.  He isn’t sure the attorney helping his client is the most proactive.  The contestation might draw out for quite some time. What can he do now?
1:13:41 Joey asks about the differences between working with someone living, recently deceased (death certificates, pre-probate), and after the probate is filed.  What’s the difference, and how should your approach to each differ? Jordan breaks it down.

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