Probate Mastermind #240

Recorded Live on August 15, 2019

Today’s big takeaways: Winning a Deal When Another Wholesaler Outbids You, Joining BAR Associations as An Affiliate, And EMAILS! How to use the emails we provide WITHOUT Falling Flat.

This Week’s Training Highlights:

Resources mentioned in this call:

  1. Our Ask The Expert Video with Probate Attorney and Real Estate Agent John Erik Fraker, JD https://www.alltheleads.com/ask-the-expert-deals-and-listings-from-probate-attorneys/
  2. More resources and advice on working with Attorneys: https://www.alltheleads.com/?s=attorney
  3. How you can win attorney business through your marketing reach (From John Erik Fraker’s Interview): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XONaNvF65yE&t=2192s

Call Re-cap

  • 2:27 Now that we will be including email addresses with probate lead lists, it’s important to understand proper email etiquette! Chad gives some advice.
  • 6:44 Roth is brand new to probate! The sales team is going to reach out and explain our program outside of the call, but Ross is already networking with Probate Clerks and Attorneys. Great foot in the door! Chad recommends watching our recent Ask the Expert with Probate Attorney Jon Fraker (Resource #1#2#3)
  • 10:05 Susan has a woman in Richmond, Virginia who needs an immediate sale! We get her a referral.
  • Anthony asks about Probate Mastery. Mastery day 2 and 3 are tomorrow!
  • 15:27 David Pannell is working on a marketing piece that he wants to serve as an impression-setter. Chad gives recommendations for including the service wheel graphic to help prospects visualize all that his team offers. Also, include some bullet points re-iterating “This is what we’ve been able to do for others.” Chad gives great examples.
  • 20:28 David recently had a 4-deal day!! Congratulations! David describes a little bit about what he’s doing to organize his follow-ups.
  • 24:22 Theodore asks if All the Leads provides marketing content for subscribers! Yes! And we have proven templates.
  • 24:57 Theodore also asks for advice on joining local bar associations as affiliates. Is it worth the cost? Yes, and most states allowed affiliate members to join. Chad gives Theodore a quick roadmap for getting started in the probate niche.
  • 27:22 Theodore asks: What’s the cost? Can you get started with a small budget and get a return! Yes. Chad breaks it down.
  • 28:51 Chad and Theodore also discuss the Blue Ocean Strategy and how it’s been so influential on their business philosophies.
  • 32:12 Erik is trying to win a deal:  ‘We were outbid by another wholesaler who isn’t performing, and is now dropping their offer.  The seller’s objection is that they have a fiduciary obligation to do what’s best for the estate. How can I win this deal and do it right?’ Chad and Jim discuss.
  • 49:27 Emmanuel would like to talk more about the program – Our team will reach out!!
  • 50:10 Jesse is jumping into Probate Mastery in September.  Does All The Leads offer property look up? We discuss what probate plus will offer. Chad suggests Propstream by Equimine and RealQuest by Core Logic for one-to-one property lookups.
  • 53:28 James has a situation where a personal representative is too interested in her own interests. Coaches’ advice? RUN AWAY! Her fiduciary obligation is to represent the estate and not her own self-interests.

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