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Probate Mastermind #187

Recorded Live on July 26, 2018

Call Summary:

  • “I’m a real estate investor and REALTOR; what should my title be when I call the administrator?”
  • What are the best times to make my phone calls?
  • How to find out who your competition is in your market.
  • What ringless voicemail should I use?
  • What about running Facebook ads to Administrators.
  • Where do I find the probate tri-fold brochures?
  • My top competitor is an auctioneer/broker. How do I compete and get set up to auction these properties.
  • What is the best way to manage leads in the “My Probate Leads” CRM vs. another CRM you are used to.
  • Scenario: Mother went into nursing home and defaulted on her mortgage. She has passed and the house is underwater and scheduled for trustee sale. What can she do?
  • We discuss Facebook ads to Probate Attorneys

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