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Probate Mastermind #165

Recorded Live on February 22, 2018

Call Summary:

  • What if a Trust shows up as the executor and who should have a trust?
  • What if the names on the phone numbers don’t match the PR name?
  • Role Play: What to say if there is no real estate
  • Scenario: Probate that is 30% underwater but a buyer is willing to pay full payoff. How does she put it together?
  • Scenario: PR did not file probate but did in fact lose his wife 4 yrs. prior. What does the agent do?
  • How to build your attorney referral network
  • We discuss the ISA service and auction off my pen
  • How to approach attorneys as an Investor vs. an agent/broker
  • Recap of our ISA service and explanation of upcoming attorney ISA services.
  • I wanted to take Probate Mastery but can I sign up now that it’s underway?

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