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Probate Mastermind #161

Recorded Live on January 25, 2018

Call Summary:

  • Do you have to file probate on 2nd homes.
  • How to get the most out of your list by marketing & building a referral network.
  • Can we separate counties into zip codes?
  • Can I call before I send my letters?
  • A former probate paralegal shares her experience with “ancillary probate” and confirms that probate needs to be filed in each county where the deceased owned real estate.
  • What should my title be? How to get them to engage and then segue into the real estate conversation.
  • Success Story: Bud shares his 30 month experience as a probate expert and how he listed 5 houses since Christmas! One from Sep., one from Nov. and 3 from probate attorneys.
  • How to turn your probate team into a community group similar to a BNI Group
  • Caroline shares her experience building her probate attorney network and we discuss how to keep the conversation going by asking good questions.

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