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by | Feb 7, 2018

A lot of interested prospects ask us for All The Leads reviews when they first hear about our service.  It’s often hard to capture the stories we hear every day from our best (and therefore busiest) Subscribers, but Bill was generous enough to take the time needed to set up Skype and do this case study interview with me so you guys can benefit from what he has learned.

Next month Bill will have been with All The Leads for 2 years and, as you will see in the interview, he has done 54 probate deals not including the ones he has sold a second time after renovation and the one he’s living in now.  He gives All The Leads a lot of credit for our complete Probate Lead System but I’ll tell you that his massive success comes from his will to serve and from taking action until he found what worked.  We worked together for months with NO results but he had a long-term mindset and after customizing 3 different letters and shaping his offer to fit his market, his business took off like Elon’s Falcon 9 heavy rocket yesterday.

If you are a real estate agent or real estate investor looking for real estate leads and you want to offer a service to your community then you really need to consider becoming a probate expert.  Over the next 40 years over $136 Trillion in assets will pass from one generation to the next and nearly 80% of that wealth is locked up in real estate.  This is an opportunity for you to build a strong pillar in your business while your competition is still out begging for business from the same leads they’ve worked for the past 20 years.  All The Leads provides a system driven by ever-expanding knowledge and experience.  To see how many leads we gather in your county each month click here.


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