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Rodger Lecy has been working probate leads for real estate listings for a little over a year now.  He was slow to start but once he graduated Probate Mastery he had the confidence to kick his efforts into high gear and now owns this nice in his market.   His first opportunity was on an $8,000,000 farm held in a trust that was handed to him by an attorney who was so impressed with his service to probate clients.  Rodger hasn’t closed the $8,000,000 deal yet because the family isn’t ready but when he does we’re going to need to update this video.  Even without that deal Rodger has done really well and is building momentum each and every day.  He truly has a “provide value first” mindset and is one of the best agents in the country as far as putting the people and their needs ahead of his own interest in listing the real estate.  Here is Rodger’s story…

If you are a real estate agent or real estate investor looking for real estate leads and you want to offer a service to your community then you really need to consider becoming a probate expert.  Over the next 40 years over $136 Trillion in assets will pass from one generation to the next and nearly 80% of that wealth is locked up in real estate.  This is an opportunity for you to build a strong pillar in your business while your competition is still out begging for business from the same leads they’ve worked for the past 20 years.  All The Leads provides a system driven by ever-expanding knowledge and experience.  To see how many leads we gather in your county each month click here.


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