Probate Case Study – Vulcan 7 Roadmap – “The Probate Show” – All The Leads Subscriber Joe Ring

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Joe Ring, self-proclaimed “old attorney” and “new agent”, from Naples, FL shares his experience using the All The Leads Probate Leads System in conjunction with Vulcan 7.

In this episode Joe shares his daily schedule, prospecting habits, goals for his campaign, probate scripts, and more.

  • Joe lays out what a typical work day looks like for him
  • Joe’s shares what is in his VIP pre-listing packet
  • The group discusses what a typical listing cycle looks like
  • When should you call and for what reason?
  • Joe explains how his system of lead follow up is the key to over $400,000 GCI in his 5th year in the business
  • Hear why Joe just focuses on phone prospecting in lieu of chasing magic lead conversion bullets
  • What motivates Joe?
  • Joe walks us through is probate script for phone prospecting
  • Jim explains our direct mail service
  • The group discusses what a typical probate marketing campaign should look like.
  • Joe shares his success with prospecting probate leads that are over a year old and how easy it is to get listings from those lists.
  • Why Joe doesn’t leave voicemail when he doesn’t get an answer
  • How many probate leads are available each month and how much do they cost?
  • Joe shares how 1 phone call resulted in a 3 property listing.
  • The group discusses divorce leads and the upcoming All The Leads Divorce Lead System.

All The Leads has a direct interface with Vulcan 7 so we can push your leads directly into your Vulcan 7 dashboard.  Most people use Vulcan for prospecting and the “My Probate Leads” CRM in the Subscriber Portal to manage the leads.  If you’re a Vulcan 7 user and want to see how many leads we’re gathering from your courthouse each month visit:


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