Ways to Turn Leads into Clients

by | Apr 12, 2019

Securing new clients for your business is the single most important part of being a real estate professional there is. Clients evolve – hopefully – from leads. However, as good as our listing leads are, it’s still very much up to you to turn these leads into paying clients. So, if you find yourself struggling to find new ways and techniques to convert leads into customers read on.

  • Be attentive: No one likes a pushy salesman and potential clients can smell desperation. On the other hand, you do want to be attentive to the needs of your client – after you find out what those needs are. Be ready to follow up with your clients questions and address all their concerns but don’t make them feel that you are pestering them. Give them some time between phone calls to think about how you can help them.
  • Establish a connection and a need: As you know, different people have different needs. Find out the specific needs of your prospect and let them know that you understand and can relate to their situation. Be empathetic.
  • Use your resources effectively: The first resource you have is your knowledge as a real estate professional. We can increase and enhance your knowledge with our conference call video archive and through our probate mastery program. That plus the best real estate leads that anyone can offer can help you convert leads into prospects and prospects into customers.
  • Provide value: Make sure that your lead or prospect understands the value that you bring to the table. Let him/her know what it will be like to do business with you and how you can improve their position with your experience, knowledge and connections. (Remember, you must always be ready to use your network of professionals to aid your client.) shaking hands
  • Follow-up: The sales process can take some time especially when it comes to probate. Call your client periodically to let him/her know that you have not forgotten him/her. People do not like to do business with people who they feel are neglecting them. Keep the buying process moving without seeming too eager.
  • Ask for the sale: A surprising number of salespeople do their presentation and just take for granted that their client will know where the closer is. Ask your clients if they are ready to get started. If you do not someone else will.

Finally, remember that it is your responsibility to heat up the sales process at every step. First, you must get qualified leads from us and the education to make those leads paying clients. After that the rest is up to you.

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