Traits of a Good Real Estate Agent

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As we have said many times before on this blog, wise real estate professionals interact with a wide variety of people in order to aid them in their job and grow their sales. Included among these professionals are appraisers, home inspectors, property managers, contractors, bankers, mortgage loan officers and attorneys. Moreover, each of these professionals brings his/her unique set of skills to the table. As a real-estate agent you too must be able to leverage certain skills and traits to the benefit of your client. In our experience these are the qualities and traits that successful real estate professionals share.

  • Good communication skills: Agents need to be able to constantly keep their clients in the loop and to communicate effectively with the network of professionals we listed in the intro to this post. Nothing is more frustrating to clients than being left in the dark about issues that are vitally important to them. Reach out to clients – and partners – on a regular basis and keep them informed in person, via email, by phone, etc.
  • Well organized and detail oriented: There is a lot of multi-tasking involved in the real estate game. Agents who like to work with attention to detail and who are well-organized are the ones who are more likely to close the deal. Moreover, great agents know that by returning client calls promptly, making and keeping track of the market they can improve their ability to sell estates.
  • Must have a proactive nature: Successful agents do not wait until opportunity knocks; they create their own opportunities. They doggedly pursue leads even or especially in down markets. Finally, they never wait until their client is in trouble and must contact them.
  • Must have persistence: Every salesperson knows that when sales are made they are not always made immediately. Sometimes you must stay with leads and contact clients for weeks or even months before things begin to pay off.real estate agent
  • Must be outgoing and extroverted: You can’t be a wallflower and expect to be a prosperous salesperson. The two just do not go together. Clients and partners expect you to take the initiative from time to time and reach out to them.

Of course, we can’t give you the traits that will help you in your quest to be a master closer but we can provide you with high quality listing leads that have been vetted and that have the potential of increasing your profits. We can also give you the information you need to close those tough sells with our conference call archives on probate property issues.


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