Success in Probate Deals, Inheritance, and Property Clean Out | Probate Mastermind #426

Recorded Live on April 27, 2023

These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!

Call Re-cap:

00:00 Introductions

The coaches take some time to discuss general updates.

00:05:29 Mastering Probate Prospecting

Discover the best practices for probate prospecting and marketing to maximize your real estate leads and close more deals.

00:11:30 Probate Deals and Bankruptcy

Understand the interplay between probate deals and bankruptcy, and how to navigate these situations to secure a successful transaction.

00:17:42 Working with Multiple Heirs

Explore the benefits and challenges of working with multiple heirs in probate real estate transactions, and how to facilitate effective communication.

00:28:02 Avoiding the 90% Rule

Learn about the 90% Rule in court proceedings and how to avoid its potential pitfalls when investing in real estate.

00:33:44 Short Sales and Court Orders

Gain insight into the process of short sales and court orders in real estate transactions and how to effectively manage these scenarios.

00:36:53 Property Inheritance and Heir Searching

Discuss the complexities of property inheritance and heir searching, and the strategies to identify rightful heirs and manage disputes.

00:49:07 Data Scrubbing for Estate Planning

Discover the benefits of scrubbing real estate data for estate planning and how it can lead to better decision-making and improved outcomes.

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