Success as a Subscriber, How to Stand Out and Pickup Rates | Probate Mastermind #349

Recorded Live on October 14, 2021

These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!

Call Re-cap:

00:00 Introductions

Bruce and Tim announce some upcoming changes to All The Leads. More informative and comprehensive training will be available to subscribers soon to help them fully implement everything that All The Leads has to offer! 

Tim provides information on a new initiative, and asks the listeners for feedback on 8A housing in their local markets. 

19:00 Success as a Subscriber

Bruce shares his own personal journey as a subscriber of ATL. Jim asks what the common denominator is for those subscribers with the most success. Bruce explains that eliminating your fear of failure and avoiding overanalysis paired with massive action will achieve a favorable outcome.   

27:10 Your First Mailing 

A listener asks about the content of their first mailer to go out. Bruce responds by suggesting the notecard as the first piece in your mailing campaign. Saying that making your first piece of mail stand out from the crowd will help ensure your mailing is opened! 

29:48 Thank You!

A caller thanks Bruce for his “cheat sheet”! Jim jumps in and shares the saying to “ask ten questions for every statement you make” while talking to a lead. 

32:45 How to Stand Out

Richard from Queens poses a question about working his new list. The team answers a variety of questions about foundations, subscriber counts for counties and how to work your list most effectively. Jim reminds the listeners that a combination of calling and mailing is widely considered the best practice to separate you from your competition!

43:15 Pickup Rates and Call Times

Another listener for NC asks about pickup rates. Bruce responds that eight to twenty percent is normal nationwide. Tim reminds the caller to consider the time of day you are making your calls (varying call times can improve pickup rate)! The caller asks the team’s opinion on sending a text if the lead does not pick up for a phone call. Bruce says that texts could be beneficial but should be saved for later on down the timetable. Tim delivers some valuable insight on the caller’s next question regarding keyword searches. 

50:24 Finding Property for Renters

A caller asks about the best way to find rentals in markets with low vacancy. The Team provides information on their favorite services to search for property. 

54:08 Discharge of Mortgage 

Bill asks about how to find a discharge of a mortgage on a property he is interested in. Jim and Bruce furnish a variety of actions and suggestions to help Bill acquire the property with a clean title.

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