Proven Method For Beating Your Competition | Are Niche Websites Worth It? Turning Real Estate Clients Into Personal Lenders | Probate Mastermind #307

Recorded Live on December 10, 2020

These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!

Call Re-cap:

The Best Real Estate Niche For New Agents (1:10)

Cliff is new to real estate and is looking to start working with sellers.  Jim lays out why probate leads are an extremely good niche for new real estate agents who haven’t established their brand in their market quite yet. Also, many experienced traditional agents have certain habits engrained, and learning the All The Leads Probate Approach teaches the right skills, language, and strategies from the start.

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Real Estate Loans: Private Money vs Hard Money Real Estate Lenders (2:56)

Chad breaks down the semantics and actual differences between Private and Hard Money loans.

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How Do You Follow Up On Real Estate Leads That Hung Up (7:46 : 23:21)

Christian is looking for advice on probate prospecting.  When making cold calls, what should you do when the personal representative hangs up on you? Should you always call them back, and how should you follow up with probate leads in the future? Chad also offers advice on changing your USP to fit the context better next call.

Are Niche Websites Worth It For Your Real Estate Business? (10:49)

Caller is interested in a setting up a separate website for the probate side of his real estate business.  The value in having a separate page for this niche is that your USP and branding can present as something much more valuable to a family going through probate than a traditional real estate marketing website.  These websites will establish credibility and trust.  Chad describes the websites.

Proven Method For Beating Your Real Estate Competition: (17:47)

Joe shares his journey of entering the probate space, applying the approach he learned from AllTheLeads.com, and beating out his competition as a result. He’s been in competition with one agent in his market for 15 years, and the value-first approach is giving Joe the winning edge. Joe and the masterminds take this success one step further and discuss how to help probate clients turn equity into investments and even become private lenders for future investment deals.  The ultimate way to beat your competition is not just to win deals on a one-by-one basis, but to turn clients into assets in your sphere of influence.

How to Turn Closed Probate Cases Into Real Estate Opportunities (25:19)

Probate leads aren’t dead just because probate court has ended.  In fact, there is actually a significant proportion of leads that still need to sell property and much less competition targeting them with marketing. Caller and the Coaches also discuss how to approach personal representatives who shared an address with the deceased (widows, live-in relatives, etc).

Recommendations for Real Estate Virtual Assistants (31:15)

April is a Virtual Assistant from MyOutDesk working for an AllTheLeads.com subscriber.

Jim Wins Multiple Deals Through Attorney Networking (32:01)

Jim Forsythe is closing on multiple deals: Several are coming from a single attorney! Jim shifted gears towards working with attorneys about two months ago and it’s already paying off big time! Jim and the coaches discuss B2B networking, deal structuring, and marketing strategy.

Building A Strong Relationship With Fix and Flippers (39:34)

Fed is working with a newer flipper and is finding himself coaching him quite often.  What should he do to help solidify this relationship and make sure this flipper is evolving efficiently? Chad advises.

Approaching Probate Attorneys Named As The Administrator (46:04)

Giovanni is looking to approach attorneys that hae been appointed administrator for individual probate cases. How should he approach this in a way that gets him through the gatekeeper? Chad advises on language and establishing a long-term relationship over a lead-by-lead relationship.

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