Six-Figure Deals, Handwritten Letter Automation, and The Best Tools For Scaling Your Real Estate Business | Probate Mastermind #306

Recorded Live on December 03, 2020

These episodes are recorded as a live Question and Answer Mastermind with participation from agents and investors across the country. Thanks for tuning in, and don’t forget to subscribe for future episodes!

Call Re-cap:

Donate $100 of Ray Dalio’s Money (1:18)

Chad shouts out Ray Dalio and his initiative to donate $100 to the charity of choice for 10,000 people.  Chad posted the link inside All The Leads Mastermind.

More Reasons To Take The Certified Probate Expert Course (2:28 and 18:24 and 30:16)

Chad is redesigning Probate Mastery to deliver a better experience AND expand alumni benefits to a full fledged community with advanced weekly mastery coaching calls.

“But I’m going to try to expose you to a deeper level, to entity structure, asset protection,  and investment strategies that I use personally, and for the families that we serve.”

“I’m going to build a
 digital marketing component where you’ll understand how to take the leads you already have and reach them in a multimedia campaign.”

Probate Real Estate Coaching (4:20 and 25:09)

Bruce runs through the probate coaching options included with All The Leads Probate Leads as well as private options for coaching.

Eddie Lands a Probate Deal With A Six-Figure Spread (5:58)

Eddie discusses a deal he’s putting together involving a historic home that will net him a six figure spread when all is said and done.  He describes his follow-up and what worked in building rapport, providing options, and getting a procrastinating seller to become a motivated seller.

“I wrote him an appointment card, like you get at the dentist and I mailed it to him and I said, Hey, we’re going to meet, I look forward to our appointment at 1130 on this day. He was there.”

“you bought a house with leadership and influence, not pressure”

I’m Closing A Probate Sale – But The Family Needs Help Outside of Real Estate! (11:55)

Scott listed and sold a house from his probate leads list – But the family needs help with so many other things. Scott wants to help, but they are outside of his area of expertise and it seems like their attorney hasn’t taken the lead on any of the issues the family needs to handle.  Scott doesn’t want to step on the attorneys toes – What’s the next move? Chad makes an important point about attorneys being trained in the legal profession, not in the business of running their own business. Chad provides some conversational language to build a stronger relationship with the attorney and ensure the family gets the help they need.

“Attorneys are small business owners who were not trained in small business, they were trained in the legal practice.”

“I hear a massive convergence story, for future conversations… By sharing the story of someone else, you get the person that you’re talking to self identify as having some of those same potential problems.”

“You’re doing the work. You may as well take credit for it. And if you slow down and step out of your comfort zone and capture these things and then repurpose them as a marketing strategy, but very discreetly as valuable content that goes out into your community.”

Real Estate CRMs: Podio, Salesforce, Custom – Which Is Best? (21:34)

Caller is interested in finding a CRM that will help him scale his business and accelerate growth.  The budget is there if the ROI is there. Chad discusses some differences between Salesforce, Podio, and custom platforms. Chad also discusses Sierra Interactive, the platform David Pannell customized and used to scale his real estate business.

“But the great thing about Podio is there are certain investors in certain realtors that actually sell everything they’ve done to customize it as a plugin for a few hundred bucks. And they probably spent, 20 to $50,000 to get it to that level.”

Where To Hire a Virtual Assistant for Real Estate (26:32)

Caller is ready to hire a real estate assistant to handle administrative tasks while he focuses on dollar-productive activity. Like plenty of others, he wants to know where to look to find and hire real estate virtual assistants. Chad discusses Daniel Ramsey’s My Our Desk or Amy Ramsdale’s REVA Global.

Handwritten Note Automation – WOW Your Real Estate Prospects (35:01)

Fed is evolving his follow-up and mail marketing game by sending out hand written notes to prospects AND real estate attorneys.  He sends direct mail, makes his cold calls, and ideally sends a handwritten letter to follow up after.  However, time is getting short.  He has created vector templates to speed up his follow-up note writing, but it’s still taking too long. What can he do? Can he hire a virtual assistant to handwrite his letters? Chad reminds him All The Leads offers handwritten letter automation – No more time wasted writing probate letters or any other real estate letter.

“when you’re prospecting, you’re going to use the shortcode function in the CRM. And when you, when one of those happen, you’re going to put in the short code, send note card…..You can do it in under a minute.”

Changing Locks On Behalf Of Clients: Proof Of Permission (44:22)

Richard, Chad, and Bruce discuss some good storiesand not so good stories of changing locks on behalf of clients and prospects. Chad describes how to write letters that ensure a locksmith has permission and will be paid for their service.  Changing locks is an awesome way to win a visit to the property and get a foot in the door with prospects – Just make sure you have proof of the seller’s permission!

2021 Housing Market Projections (48:32)

The coaches discuss the state of the market, predictions, and where to find opportunities for great deals. Chad gives a brief projection on how inflation, false inventory reads, consumer behavior, and appointments like Janet Yelin will impact the real estate industry.

See More: Chad’s SHIFT HAPPENS Live Webinar Series: Finding Opportunities In The Coronavirus Landscape

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