Probate Mastermind #266

Recorded Live on February 20, 2020

Today’s Top Probate Discussions:

  • Why You Should Chase Listings, not Buyers.
  • How to Handle Appointments with Probate Leads
  • What Probate Representatives Want From An Agent
  • Sales Psychology: Language, Body Language, and Other Cues.
  • Turning Prospects Into Participants
  • How to Follow Up With Hang Ups.
  • The Right Thing To Say When You Reach The Wrong Person
  • The Owner-Finance Strategy.

SNEAK PEAK: MLS information, and…..? What new tools will All The Leads be offering to give you the best probate leads lists you can get?

Call Re-cap

Why You Should Chase Listings, Not Buyers (2:29)

Chad, Jim, and Tim discuss why working the listing side gives you much more leverage with much less time spent.  They describe why probate is an especially good niche for this any time throughout the year.

How to Handle Listing Presentations for Probate Leads (6:13)

Aline describes her experience with in-person listing appointments with probate leads.  She is wondering how she can tailor a listing presentation towards probate. Chad describes his process and the 3 simple documents he brings.

Preparation for Probate Listing Appointments (11:28)

Chad and Aline mastermind strategies for walking into a listing appointment with a probate administrator fully prepared – mentally and physically.

What Personal Representatives Want You To Offer Them (14:16)

Aline is getting hit with the “We’re interviewing other agents.” Chad and Aline discuss how to set up an assumptive close and make it land.  Chad covers everything from body language, reading the room, and building motivation to sign through a roadmap.  See Also: Tips for Winning Face-To-Face Appointments – From Start to Finish! Probate Real Estate Training Top Plays


Aline and Chad discuss the language the works, and the language that works BEST.  This is a simple tip for improving your unique pitch.

Handling Objections: I’m Not In A Hurry (21:23)

Aline and Chad discuss how to get sellers who say they aren’t in a hurry to commit to move forward now anyway.

Are You OVER-Presenting? (23:35)

Jim discusses the common mistake agents and investors make of over presenting.  He also shares a question he asks to win stronger commitments and better clarity on a seller’s motivation.

Turning Prospects into Participants (25:15)

Tim and Chad discuss the importance of using “We.”  Using “WE” not only makes it clear you have a whole team to help personal representatives with all the things they don’t want to deal with, it also lets them imagine themselves moving through the solution you’re outlining for them.  “We” turns a prospect into a participant success you’ve had with other probate clients.

John’s Update: My First Round Of Cold Calling Probate Leads (27:20)

John also describes his experience with prospect boss and how he will be switching over to the Mojo Dialer system.  John provides some insight on how his marketing is leading to inbound traffic on his site and LinkedIn profiles. 

Credibility Matters: Yes, People Will Look You Up! (29:04)

John shares how his prospecting is causing an influx in inbound traffic to his site and LinkedIn profiles. This means people are receiving his letters, calls, and voicemails and turning to search engines to research John and his business further.  Credibility websites are an important part of your conversion funnel.

John and Chad also discuss what to do when you aren’t sure you reached the right person (30:43)

Tips For Following Up With Hang-Ups (33:13)

Chad and John mastermind strategies for getting a foot in the door with hang-ups.  Chad breaks down the psychology behind why people are primed to hang-up on real estate agents and investors and how you can disrupt their thought patterns and break through to them next time.

How to Structure Appointments As An Investor (38:13)

Rino is interested in presenting to sellers as an investor in a way that isn’t too overwhelming.  Chad provides an outline for investors to present to probate leads from start to finishi.  See Also: Why Every Investor Should Have a Real Estate License, and Every Agent Should Understand Real Estate Investing (or Be an Investor Themselves)

How To Find and Navigate Surviving Spouse Situations in Probate (42:25)

Rino asks how can I begin to probe and find out if there is a surviving spouse?

Right Thing To Say When You Reach The Wrong Person (44:59 and also 30:43)

John is looking for tips on call frequency, voicemail drops, and general follow-up best practices.  Also, what’s the right thing to say when you reach the wrong person? Chad discusses.

See Also: Should You Leave Voicemails When Cold-Calling Leads? What to Say and How Often?

Handling Objections: “The House Is Already Listed” (50:16)

John asks what should I do when a personal representative says the house is already listed or sold? Chad offers a new strategy.

MLS Information Right In My Probate Leads Lists?! (51:55)

SNEAK PEAK to a new tool that will be available to probate leads subscribers very soon… And this is only one part.

Leveraging the Owner-Finance Strategy: “My Lead Feels Burnt Out By Aggressive Investors!”  (53:15)

Caller is looking for advice on following up with a lead who is interested in a cash offer but is tired of being bombarded by cash investors.  He describes his process so far.  Chad discusses strategy. Congratulations to Caller on doing great discovery, focusing on people not property, and uncovering that the personal representative’s motivation.  Chad discusses an owner-finance strategy and how this could lead to a life-long referral relationship with this client.

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