Probate Mastermind #267

Recorded Live on February 27, 2020

Today’s Top Probate Discussions:

  • Transaction Engineering: Inherited Property with Foreclosure on a Reverse Mortgage
  • Why You Need A Social Worker On Your Team
  • HUD Distribution and Social Programs
  • The Abundance Mindset
  • How to REALLY Distinguish Yourself From Other Agents
  • Marketing To Attorneys

SNEAK PEAK: What new tools will All The Leads be offering to give you the best probate leads lists you can get?

Call Re-cap

Transaction Engineering: Inherited Property with Foreclosure on a Reverse Mortgage (1:47)

Anietie posed a question in the All The Leads Facebook Mastermind group.  She was looking through distressed properties in Fort Bend, TX.  She found a property that had a reverse mortgage, and felt she could turn it into a subject-to.  She found out the owner had passed away in 2018 and the home went into foreclosure in January. They did not probate the property at all. Let’s rewind and see what to do next time. 

Save Time With Preliminary Title Search (10:10)

Anietie and Chad discuss how a preliminary title search can help you fine tune your approach.

Coaching Included With Your Probate Leads Subscription (13:00)

Chad reminds subscribers to take advantage of the coaching included with your probate leads subscription.  If you have a deal in the pipeline and need urgent advice, call us and we well get you on a call with Chad or Jim.

Why You Need A Social Worker On Your Team (14:00)

Anietie asks for options to help the family members who will soon be evicted from the foreclosed property.  This is the perfect scenario for reaching out to a social worker that has experience with housing.

Opportunities: Medicaid Listings and Taxed-Assessed Values (16:40)

Chad lays out how an agent can win listings simply by reaching out to the local tax assessor on behalf of a medicaid client who needs to sell their home.  For more, check out this highlight on Probate Referrals from Medicaid and Social Workers

How To Find Social Workers With Housing Experience? (19:12)

Gary asks for tips on finding a social worker that has real estate experience. Chad gives simple search terms for conducting a search in your area.

HUD Distribution and Social Programs  (20:00)

Anything to do with low income will likely involve a social worker. There are so many programs and having a good relationship with a social worker will give you a strong channel for streamlining your work.

A Social Worker Shares Her Insights (23:40)

Faith is a social worker and suggests that the best way to find social programs in your area that deal with medicaid and other housing programs is to search for your local agency on aging. This is a great short-cut!  Faith shares her insight for

Protecting Your Brand: NEVER List Out Your Vendors (25:34)

Faith just finished Probate Mastery and is getting her real estate license again.  Faith asks how she can secure her unique value from her competition so nobody tries to pull the rug out from under what she’s doing.

The Abundance Mindset (28:40)

Chad and Faith discuss the abundance mindset and how to succeed without worrying about imitators.

The Silver Tsunami and New Pressure On Social Workers (30:00)

Chad and Faith discuss the Silver Tsunami – the wave of baby boomers who are entering end of life without any plan for equity and savings.  Chad outlines how this is a huge opportunity to carve out a blue ocean while providing a life-changing service to so many people. Go get your second deal, Faith!!!

How to Get Paid a Premium For BEING The Lender (34:21)

Scott reminds everyone not to forget about networking with family law and estate planning attorneys. Scott also describes a deal he is closing on that came from an attorney referral.  He has realized not too many people are really coming from a place of value, and because of that your competition will phase itself out. Learn more about Offering Sellers Vertically-Integrated Solutions without putting your own capital on the line.

PROBATE PLUS+ Equity Fields, Total Open Lien Fields (38:30)

Scott and Chad discuss two of the fields that are coming with the new probate leads lists through PROBATE PLUS+, including lender information.  We also will be offering short-sale negotiations on your behalf for these no-equity/upside-down situations, all without taking your commission, at scale.

How Does All The Leads Skip-Trace Phone Numbers? (40:50)

Devin Doroughty from SoCal is a first time caller: Devin thanks Chad for his heart.  Devin’s background is in short-sale, but is transitioning to probate.

How Attorneys Are Seeking Lawsuits, and How To Evolve Your Ringless Voicemail Strategy (43:10)

Chad discusses VoiceLogic’s voice-casting product, and how they’ve recreated this product as Voice Courier as a TCPA-compliant product. Tom also describes that personal representatives are named as the point of contact as the person to contact, and these sales calls are usually consultations not sales calls.  Those are good points for considerations for people calling as individuals.

Timeline for Reverse Mortgage in Probate (49:15)

Richard Eaton and Chad walk through possible timelines for reverse mortgage situations that are in probate.

How To Name Your Domain (53:29)

Deb Koons is looking for advice on choosing a domain for her probate business. Chad gives key tips for choosing a memorable domain that can grow with your business.

How to REALLY Distinguish Yourself From Other Agents (55:50)

Brian Silvestri asks for advice on standing apart from the other agents a prospect might be interviewing. Chad goes over his best practice tips.

Marketing Packet for Attorneys = Marketing Packet for Clients (1:05:31)

Chris is looking to get in front of attorneys and wants to leave something behind that will help him win referral business. Chad describes why the tri-fold brochures work so well here.

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