Probate Mastermind #265

Recorded Live on February 13, 2020

Today’s Top Probate Discussions:

  • Training your team for cold-calling
  • Why you should go to the probate courthouse in person
  • Tools for property history, auto-dialing, and ringless voicemail
  • Finding opportunity when there’s already a buyer
  • Winning business from Pro Per and Pro Se probate leads

Call Re-cap

How Can I Train The Agents On My Team For Cold-Calling? (1:30)

Jim Forsythe is looking for scripts, lists of objection handling tips that are working for people.

How To Handle Top Objections (4:27)

Jim F asks for a basic list of resources for handling top objections.Here are some solid resources

  1. Our Probate Attorney Said We Can’t Sell Until Probate is Closed!
  2. Call back in ___ days or ___ months.
  3. The Most Common Probate Real Estate Objections and how to handle them.
  4. Tips for Winning Face-To-Face Appointments – From Start to Finish! Probate Real Estate Training Top Plays https://www.alltheleads.com/tips-winning-face-face-appointments-start-finish-probate-real-estate-training-top-plays/
  5. Chad and Jim’s homeowner’s insurance trick for easing into the real estate conversation, or catching a lead who is about to hang up on you.  Recommendations for Homeowner’s insurance companies here: https://youtu.be/r7TUTMPN6f8?t=212

Best Way To Bring Referrals To An Attorney (7:12)

Joyce has two leads that don’t have an attorney and she is looking to bring them to attorneys she is trying to visit.  Can she bring them to more than one attorney?  Chad describes how she can, but to raise the quality of the referral she should qualify the lead first. Chad outlines a roadmap for choice.

How To Co-Market With Attorneys (9:18)

I want to co-market with attorneys. How can I go about this? What are the benefits for all parties?  Also, check out Chad’s interview with John Erik Fraker to learn more about  Working With A Probate Attorney to Grow Your Real Estate Business

Bill Gross Shares His Results From Probate Leads (14:52)

Bill Gross started with All The Leads in March and is sharing his sucess so far. Four properties went into escrow last week! He has more closings this year than any other year as an agent. Congrats to Bill on his hard work and a big thank you for the value he has contributed back in our Mastermind Community!  You can content he’s written on his work in the probate field on his LinkedIn

Bill’s Roadmap for Success (18:15)

Bill dives deeper into his process, how he got here and what he is planning for the future.

Insights on Probate Leads that are Pro Per and Pro Se (23:45)

Bill describes his experience with leads that aren’t working with attorneys, how those cases typically go, and how he builds a relationship with them through the process.

Diving Back Into Leads You Forgot About (27:00)

Dennis calls in with a question about older leads.  He got busy, got behind, dropped the ball.  He’s going to get back in the game! Chad tells a key story and offers advice on prospecting historical leads.

Auto-Dialer and Ringless Voicemail Systems (33:28)

John is surprisingly quiet today (Is it because he’s in Starbucks? Is it because he got his leads?).  He is looking for advice on a dialer.  Chad discusses Voice Logic. Call them and ask to speak with Steve Lindo. As far as sales dialers, Chad recommends salesdialers.com ProspectBoss.com

Prospecting At The Courthouse (36:30)

John and Chad discuss how Bill uses frequent visits to the probate courthouse as a networking and prospecting opportunity.

Best Times To Make Real Estate Cold Calls? (37:52)

Chad discusses an MIT study on the best times for real estate prospecting calls.

Why Would Probate Be Opened In One County if the Deceased Lived In Another? Ancillary Probate Opportunities (40:05)

John asks why a few leads show a last known address out of state, but probate court was opened here in his county.  He isn’t able to pull up real estate in their personal name. John asks Chad why probate would even be opened here? Chad gives an informative answer.

Baby Boomers: The Silver Tsunami and The Golden Ocean (44:30)

John describes his realization about the inevitability of death AND the lack of preparation. Chad discusses projections for the future, as the baby boomer generation ages and passes away and what opportunities this creates for you to carve out a niche that’s both extrinsically and intrinsically rewarding and will be in HIGH DEMAND over the coming years.

Tools For Property History Lookups (49:55)

Alex in Chicago has a case where a personal representative is incarcerated out of state.  There are two properties involved. I’m trying to help find the full history on the properties. What are some resources? Chad recommends using the local GIS from the County Tax Assessor, as well as Propstream.

Finding Opportunity When A Buyer Has Already Crafted The Deal (53:30)

There’s a buy who was granted power of attorney by the incarcerated PR. Alex asks if this is a dead lead, but Chad describes multiple ways to extract an opportunity here.

Should I Call The PR or The Attorney First? (56:50)

George asks if it’s best practice to contact the attorney or personal representative first? Chad shares his recommendations. Chad also refers George to John Erik Fraker’s interview on  Working With A Probate Attorney to Grow Your Real Estate Business

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