Probate Mastermind #230

Recorded Live on May 30, 2019

GREAT Participation on today’s call! Thank you for everyone who brought their questions and success stories on for us today.

Probate Leads Training Resources mentioned in this call:

Tips from the Trainer Video – The BEST Real Estate Cold-Calling Script for Probate Leads
Ty the Flipman Video with Chad

Topic Recap:

●Kaylin from Metro Detroit visited the Coleman Young building and found they are a little difficult to get information from. I’m considering signing up but I’ve already had some trouble – Are probates too hard to work with? Actually, the obstacles are what make this such a great opportunity because others aren’t willing to look in the direction of probate leads. This is actually why we designed our system – You don’t need to focus on the data acquisition and the research and the initial learning curve – You get to do what you do best.

●Kaylin also adds that he watched Chad’s webinar with Ty the Flipman on YouTube and wants to learn more about building a team. How do you build a team of vendors without the capital? Well, you actually build your team without any capital at all. Lead with your value.

●Peter from New Jersey is on his 5th transaction from All the Leads. He has however having some trouble with some call backs, especially after sending the second letter. Chad’s suggestion is to look at his market and figure out a personable way to disarm them; in New Jersey, something funny or shocking might resonate surprisingly well. Feel, felt, found: Let him vent and let out some steam “It seems like you’re upset, like you misunderstood why I reached out;” listen and empathize with their response; explain how you’ve heard this before from some of your best clients.

●(W.O.W. ENTRY!!! WOOHOOO) Peter shares his 5 wins! His first was helping a widow sell a home and move into a new one. Don’t be afraid to reach out to a surviving spouse! They often need help the most. Downsizing, re-financing, future planning, rehabbing/renting/property management could all be needs with urgency!

●Kevin is looking for advice when someone says they already have a cash buyer or realtor or are interviewing multiple agents and don’t need any typical estate cleanout services. How can I stand above the competition? “Great! Have you signed a purchase agreement with that person?” Chad goes through a great role play and list of strategies.

●Gary just sent out his letters. He offers his experience to Jackie! He got two appointments from a round of our ISA calls. He has also been calling the DNC numbers on his own; he reached an attorney on his cell number who was a bit amazed at the system Gary was using to help probate clients, and they were able to meet in person and it kicked off great. He has a few potential deals in the pipeline!

●Victor from Baltimore wants to know about our probate system. I started my business through cold-calling, how does it work with your company? Your choice! You can have our ISAs call or you can call yourself.

●Victor also asks if he should call the PR or the attorney first? Take a two-pronged approach; call the PR and then reach out to the attorney. Try setting up relationships with the attorney outside of the specific case in your lead list.

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