Probate Mastermind #231

Recorded Live on June 06, 2019

Two awesome contenders for Win of the Week shared their stories today! Congratulations!

Plenty of great questions on this call including tips for extending the reach of your referral network, increasing your success with mail marketing in a competitive market, and why you shouldn’t scrub your list before beginning your marketing campaigns.

Resources mentioned in this call:

  1. Should I scrub my list before sending my first mailing? Check our latest Tips From The Trainer Video to see why we suggest that isn’t a good idea:
    “3 Things NOT to Do When Getting Started Working Probate Leads”
  2. Our Tri-Fold Brochure samples (and some other fun stuff!)
  3. Tips for Prospecting Attorney Relationships:

Topic Recap:

  • Paul in Colorado calls asks for a quick rank and file order of things to-do to get started working with probate leads:
  1. Get probate leads in the county/counties you want to work
  2. Get a plan for what your “offer” is and get that written out.
  3. Pick out the mail campaigns that fit your model with and get them on autopilot
  4. Get an idea of other professionals in your area you can bring on as part of your team
  5. Pick up the phone!
  • How does the city/county sectioning work with the lead sets? For the most part, our leads are sold by county. It is possible to do partial counties.
  • (W.O.W. CONTENDER! WOO-HOO! Eddie just got two contracts on probate properties). As soon as I describe what I do to attorneys, they are uninterested. What should I do? I am contacting the on the phone.  Chad suggests going in person – the results will be much different.
  • In addition to networking with other types of attorneys (Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning, etc…) where else should I be networking? Should I consider purchasing ad space with funeral homes?
  • (W.O.W. CONTENDER! WOO-HOO!) Bill got a callback from a mailer sent out in May and took his first listing!! He gave a listing presentation knowing the main realtor in the area would be interviewing after him – But he got the call back because he lead with value!
  • Larry from Ventura is introducing himself! Thanks for joining us Larry!
  • Maxine from Northern California has been in the business since 1984 but is new to probate. Her and her team signed up about a month ago and is deciding between letters. Should I use the Frank Patrick letters or any of the other templates? Should we be screening our letters? When should we follow-up on our mailings?
  • Erik is asking to develop Chad’s idea for mailing out a blank purchase agreement (an out-of-the-box idea for disruptive marketing). Chad suggests that instead of pairing this with a testimonials page, also turn some attention to your team of vendors that can provide value to the client you’re targeting.
  • Kenneth asks: I want to do my letters myself, how do I access them? Can I purchase them and send them myself? Jim adds that in a competitive market, follow-up phone calls are key to success to make your letter stand out.

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