Probate Mastermind #229

Recorded Live on May 23, 2019

GREAT Participation on today’s call! If you experienced the sound cut out at any point, the recording successfully captured the entire call.

Coach Chad Corbett is back from Nepal after a 3 week excursion to bring water salination devices to remote villages. We have FIVE contenders for Win of the Week! Thank you for your participation!

Topic Recap:

• Fearless partner and coach Chad Corbett is back from Nepal – His crew was able to provide clean water technology to about a thousand people immediately, and prepare a team of locals to set up about 6,000 more people in the region. At 6’7 feet tall, he was quite a celebrity.

• W.O.W. Contender! Grant is calling in to follow up on his first probate deal – It officially went on the market Tuesday morning! 30 showings and 15 offers. They might even re-appraise the property!

• Grant also adds that he is working with a Veterans’ assistance organization in his area to pass along some furniture leftover to people who could use it. Great idea!

• James from SoCal asks: If a contact has multiple phone numbers, what discretion should you use when leaving voicemails? It depends on how frequently you are calling. You should leave a message on every number at least once. If you are calling frequently, leave a message once in a while.

• James also asks: Have you found any specific times that yield best results for calling? MIT did a study a long time ago around 2013 that suggested 8am-10am to 4pm-6pm Tuesday through Thursday had 116% better chance of conversion. But things have changed so much since then. Some markets are commuter markets, some markets are more likely to answer on weekends or mid-day. Personal representatives are likely to be elderly spouses or their 40-60 year old children who work during the day. The trick is to be consistent and pick up the phone. Try to call more than once.

• Marquis from Atlanta is new to the business, but he is really interested in Probate! He was walking around the neighborhood yesterday and a neighbor referred him to a house nearby where the owner had recently passed. He is trying to skip trace other family members. Two are deceased but he has made contact with a third that is willing to initiate probate. Show them to the county clerk’s office to get the case started, help make the necessary introductions and stay in the front of their mind.

• How long before a PR starts the cart process can you start working out a deal? They should have their letters of testamentary in a few weeks. At this point, they have the authority to sign a purchase/list agreement with you. Heads up, Atlanta (Fulton County) can be a bit slow and backlogged in the courts! Encourage the PR to ask the attorney to see about fast-tracking the process.

• Should I contact attorneys or get on the phone and call the PR directly? You should be doing both!

• Steve from York, PA has had two appointments so far. The one needed a lot of help with lawn and pool maintenance since it had been unkempt for a while. Steve went over with his own equipment to help. She was losing equity on the house. He has built great rapport, but more importantly Steve is enthused about the intrinsic benefits of working in the probate niche.

• W.O.W. contender! Joe Lehman in Montgomery, Alabama has another great story! He has a property under contract with both the buyer and the seller. This lead was from his second list, and predicts this alone will net a positive ROI on his total investment thus far. He also was able to work out a referral relationship with an agent in Georgia who found him through an attorney he called. He has now listed 72 acres without a referral fee being requested!

• Kevin and Ellis ask: What if we build some rapport, but we can’t land the appointment? Most people are just procrastinating. The reality is in a lot of cases, if you wait and someone else contacts them in between, they might jump to work with them. Gather whatever information you can and find a reason – CMA, a personal property assessment, ask if they are having an estate sale, etc. Get in front of them to demonstrate the value of your model.

• W.O.W. Contender! Chad reminds everyone to capture success stories and client testimonials when the happiness and appreciation is highest. Get a quick video and add it to your credibility website!

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