Probate Mastermind #223

Recorded Live on April 11, 2019

On today’s probate real estate training call, we discuss how to market to attorneys, find other groups and organizations you can use for referral networking, approach and secure listings without reducing your commission, and use our Facebook “All The Leads Mastermind” Group to grow your credibility.

Call Recap:

•How best to approach attorneys and family? I will be speaking with the Bar association. The tri-brochure can be a very good tool to use and provide to the attorneys. Become a member of your State Bar.

•I am a Paralegal and I am interested in Probates. Can I become a Probate specialist? You have a good foundation to be a specialist or ISA.

•Wayne from Texas has had 6 Probate transactions that have closed, but he is a bit frustrated at this time. He is not converting what he expects. What can I do?

•James joined a few months ago and says….stay the course. I am closing 2 deals shortly and have 4 or more on the plate. These have come from leads that are a few months old. He did not make his phone calls and he now understands that this will enhance his efforts.

•Eric comes from a heavy investor side with an agency too. We are getting questions on commissions for listings. Should we position a higher listing fee? How can we present more value?

•Kevin has reached out to the attorney handling the Probate case and he references the case. They have called him back. PR said they have a realtor, but need the personal items taken care of. What should I do?

•I am a realtor and investor. How do I present myself in the letter? Check out the sample letters.

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