Probate Mastermind #224

Recorded Live on April 18, 2019

Thank you to all the real estate agents, investors, attorneys, and others who joined us to share their probate success stories and unique solutions to the different situations presented by probate leads! Some key topics include keeping postage costs for direct mail campaigns down, solidifying out-of-state referral relationships with other agents, and building a team around you to set up a bidding process for investment deals.

Topic Recap:

•Chad is requesting that if anyone has specific content on various subject matters that they want ATL to provide to send an email to Support@alltheleads.com

•I am new and need to know more about establishing the Team of Resources and how that process should work.

•I have some outside leads that I would like to include with LeadFollow. How can I do that? I also have some outside leads that need phone numbers. Can you do that for me?

•When I call a phone number, the person says “why are you calling me”? How do you handle this? I am using a dialer system.

•I am working remote and the program is working well. Having the local Resource Team has helped me to accomplish this. Are there things I should be aware of?

•Tania in San Francisco is new and waiting for her first leads. She has used Frank’s letters with pens, but it has been very costly. Is there a better way to do that? ATL’s Mailbox Motivator system can send these at a reduced cost.

•In LA area, is there a better way to market Probate property to buyers and investors? Build a team around you and make a probate bidding process.

•Working on a brochure with Zeke and want to start using them soon. He may be able to get the brochure done faster if you send an email to Support.Thanks for joining, and be sure to tune in next Thursday!!
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