Probate Mastermind #222

Recorded Live on April 04, 2019

In our weekly Probate Mastermind calls, real estate agents, investors, wholesalers and related professionals join All The Leads partners to ask questions and seek advice about different chokepoints they come across while nurturing their probate leads. Today’s call focused on how to approach probate leads as an investor, strategies for how to succeed in competitive markets AND maximize in smaller markets where only a few probate cases are opened each month, creative ideas for establishing relationships with bondsmen and attorneys, and information on both our self-print mailing templates and done-for-you direct mail marketing service.

Call Recap:

•I am a new customer focused on being an investor. I seem to often get we are not at a point to decide on the property yet. How do I get past that objection?

•I see an increasing number of Probates having a Public Administrator being the PR or an attorney. Has something changed? When is the Public Administrator assigned? Chad and Jim discuss how to establish a referral relationship with the Public Administrator.

•New customer just sent out direct mail letters at the end of last week and received a couple calls – one asking to take them off his list and the other was ready to list their property. He got his first lead within a few days…happy for the program. The Team approach really works.

•Took Probate Mastery a few months ago and sent out first batch of letters and received a call to take a listing for a house and a few vacant lots.

•How do I register for the Mastery class as an alumnus? How does the Fidelity Bond process work? Can you work directly with an individual Bond person?

•New customer in AZ and focused on cold calling leads. I want my team to do the letters. How do I download the sample letters? What is the focus of the Mastery classes?

•I am interested in your program and have experience in Probates. How can I take it to the next level and what types of programs and services do you provide?

•In small counties there are not many leads. What is the best way to get these leads and work them? Build your referral network.

•Received my first leads last week and have sent out my letters. I am excited about the program and want to know more about Mastery.

•I am new and in a new market. Who should I focus my efforts on first? Market to the PRs initially and then put an attorney marketing program to do face to face meetings. Also, establish your referral network.

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