Probate Mastermind #216

Recorded Live on February 21, 2019

Call Summary:

  • Kevin asked – looking for more data options in the CRM re: deal status notifications. Chad said we were developing an upgrade to the process with text and email. He also asked for more info regarding ISA programs – how much, how often to call, what about attorneys. Chad explained the program and difference in cost between attorney and PR leads. He also asked about the use of a local phone number for local call ID. Tim discussed the pending legislation that may change this process and that we might be offering a fixed number and taking inbound calls.
  • Danielle asked about non-resident probates – wanted to know why it happened. Chad explained that if there’s an asset in the county (possibly called ancillary probate), regardless of where they live, it needs to be filed locally. She also asked about leading with, “I’m a realtor”. Chad simply said, drop the title and stick with “leading with value.” Start with what you can do to help people in probate. She asked about folks that said they weren’t ready. Chad referred to being “top of mind”.
  • Don has been a subscriber for a while, but not using our plan. Needs an account review to get him better aligned and using our program.
  • Kathy (Boston) – Has been through Mastery. Using ISA for calls. Has questions about voice mails on prospecting calls. Lead with value – be following up on value. Wants guidance re: letters and frequency.
  • Julie Ann (Chicago) – New subscriber. Sent letters has received 2 responses. Got a nice letter from the Public Administrator. Chad recommended using that office a great opportunity to build a referral network. Asked about responding to negative replies. Chad recommended to re-engage because they are obviously having a problem. Chad will be reviewing her social media to help her respond.
  • Andrea called with some successes to share – two listings. Chad discussed making a $12,000 GCI from a $700-$800 expense.
  • Sam cited two listings that happened as a result of two older letters. One from August and the other from April. She leads with value and both are GREAT opportunities.
  • Maria in South Carolina – taking Mastery – needs help with letters. She is a realtor, looking to focus on investment opportunities.
  • Boots in Texas – She had a negative experience on Facebook early on. She just said she was sorry and asked if she could help. She now doesn’t not respond to any such criticisms and leads with value. Needed help with letters and praised Lizzie’s help. Adding a new county with lots of older folks. •Bill – Detroit – wanted to know if the Mastermind calls were recorded. Sent him to join the Facebook Mastermind group for access.
    Winner of the week for last week was … Tom Harness – two listings two sales!Tim did a short sales pitch for extra county and full integration!

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